Livingstone College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Livingstone College is that Livingstone enables students to achieve academically and the school is interactive when it pertains to constructing their community. The students who graduate from Livingstone usually go off and excel in their endeavors and this school has an excellent reputation relating to technology and religious studies. The faculty that is employed at Livingstone are scholars who have assisted students in achieving academically and that is what I admire about Livingstone College.




well the best thing about my school to me is the size and the class size. the reason for this is because i learn better in a smaller class size and i also make better grades. the other reason is i feel like the teachers know your name and who you really are. now if you were at a big college you would have to talk to your teacher mostly everyday for them to really remember you. also would less people at a smaller school you know everyone by name and it is less drama and also better school enviroment


The best thing that i consider about my school is how you know atleast everyone on campus.The reason this is the best because your able to asks others question and with the school being so small we get the chance to talk among each other when we can.Most students also gets to know thw staff members that are on campus since they are willin to work with us in are time of need.