Longwood University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Longwood University is over an hour drive one way from my house and even further than my work. I work full-time while attending Longwood University full-time, which has been extremely difficult.


The most frustrating thing would have to be that my school is in such a small town - nowhere to go and nothing to to do. This does allow for plenty of time to do work, though.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there is not as many acitivities that go on every weekend to keep a college student busy outside of doing homework. I find it so irritating when I would like to go out and have fun with my friends, that there is nothing to do except spend time in the dorm room. It's not a fun place to go to school at if you don't know anyone before arriving at the school. The community is very tight knit and sometimes it can be hard to find something to do.


There is not that much to do here other than school. The town is so small the best thing to do is Wal-Mart. There are organizations here that try to do things to entertain us, but they arent always the best things.


The one and only thing I am frustrated with about Longwood University is the lack of available jobs. There are available jobs on campus but the hours are scarce and there are not many places in the surrounding area and even those that do exist hardly hire.


The most frustrating thing about Longwood University is the lack of variety of academic programs since we are such a small school. Even though there are only about 5,000 students enrolled in the university, the choices given to the students are not very broad. This can be frustrating to a student who wants to change their major, but does not want to transfer schools, so they must choose between the small amounts of majors available.


The most frustrating thing about this school is also that it is so small. There are so few people here that it almost feels like high school in that you see the same faces everyday.


The most frustrating thing about Longwood University is it's lack of good advisors. In the middle of my sophomore year I had to swich advisors because my first one was sarcastic and condenscending. I believe a good, thorough advisor is very important and I haven't had a good one since I have been at Longwood. The school could definitely work on this area.


Fraternity parties and apathetic students are to two most frustrating things. The fact that Longwood is a state-sponsored school, it struggles every year with funding and subsequently can't reward students who strive to improve the school in other ways beyond academics. The teacher salaries are also the second lowest in the state of Virginia. Also, the fact that the SGA is mostly made up of members of the Greek community, which in my opinion biases a lot of decisions. But overall, the ridiculousness of fraternity parties and students who don't care about anything on campus.


Longwood is extremely strict about sorority and fraternity life. The rules and regulations against parties, functions, and recruitment processes are so stringent that it almost seems as if we are not supposed to enjoy our Greek experience. The town where Longwood is located actually has ordinances again sorority and fraternity off-campus housing. The school itself tries to remain very conservative, while its students are becoming increasingly liberal.


The most frustrating thing is how much money it costs to go to Longwood. I am on my own paying for my education and the textbook alone are around $500 a semester. I am so frustrated with worrying more about money then my grades, which is not how it should be.


I can't think of anything that frustrated me about Longwood.


The most frustrating thing is probably the lack of stuff to do other than school. There is nothing in the town to do. It can get boring easily.

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