Lorain County Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for its welcoming student body, diverse community, great number of major options, the Unversity Partnerships, and knowledgeable professors.


Local presence and helping the community. They also have a University Partnership program with many 4-yr colleges such as Ashland University and Cleveland State University where you can get your 4 yr degree through LCCC. They also have programs where the local high school students can attend college classes for High School credit and college credit simultaneously. They are a way to obtain a high quality degree at a low cost that financially fits the budget better than a tradtional 4 year college.


Lorain County Community College is best known for our partnerships to universities located in Ohio. LCCC provides a way for students to complete a four-year degree taking classes on their campus using interactive rooms. The school has parternships with eight universities and a wide array of majors to choose from.


My school is great for education, and business degrees. The teachers that I have experienced so far for the Education Major are very encouraging, and really care about what they are teaching. Lorain County Community College is one of the top community colleges in the United States for an associate degree in Education and they also have the University Partnership that can work with Ashland University and many other colleges to get a Bachelor and Master's degree in this field.