Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Pancake/Breakfast night during midterms and finals. Going to tigerland when we win football games.


LSU is best known for its sports teams, especially LSU football. Football season here is crazy! Though sometimes I feel like it gets out of hand with the parking situation and traffic, if you live near campus, you won't have that many problems. We also get a lot of incentives to go to games, and some teachers give time off to go to games!


My school is best known for its football team. LSU wows time and time again, but another important aspect that often gets overlooked is the Undergraduate Research program. This is wellknown to the people looking to better their learning experience. People from all over the world come to LSU during the summer to research all kinds of things. This is something I will definitely get into as I earn more credits and become more eligible. My whole is about science and understanding how the universe works these days. I want to figure it all out.


Football. Tiger stadium is so loud that it was once recorded as an earthquake.


A map can only give someone a small glimpse into what makes this campus so beautiful. You have to go there in order to experience the beautiful buildings, the rich histiory, and the magnificent oak trees. Having a good football team is great, but this school is about so much more than that. It is about the supportive advisors and the kindness of the people there. It is about having a picnic in the quad with your good friends and good food. It is about living by the ties that bind us all.


I think that LSU is best known for their football team.


football and drinking


My school is best known for its football team and the amount of partying that the students do on the weekends and throughout the week.


Splatterbeat. Splatterbeat is an event that the LSU Residence Hall Association, RHA, started. During this event, people gather on the parade grounds and have the opportunity to drum on the lids of trashcans full of paint for 5 minutes and get drenched in paint. It is a messy, loud, fun event that basically everyone loves. If you have ever heard of the Blue Man Group, this event is quite similar to that.


My favorite campus tradition would have to be tailgating on the day of the football games. Everyone on LSU tailgates on game days and a good deal of non-students come to tailgate as well. Tailgating on the game days is a great relaxer from all the school and work, and being surrounded by all the purple and gold fills you up with school spirit. Just about every inch of campus gets covered in tents with music, food, games, and tv's for watching the game. I'd say tailgating is just as big a part of the game day as the actual game.


I have not noticed any campus traditions to be a part of.


Louisiana State University is easily known for its sports and athletic departments.


Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College is known for many things. Football is what many people think that LSU is best known for, but in actuality they are known for so much more. LSU is best known for their research, academics, commitment to community, sustainability for its campus, it's focus on agriculture and extension, it's culture and sports. LSU has so much to offer to society and is a school that genuinely cares. Through stately oaks and broad magnolias, LSU is a true molder of it's students, faculty, and staff.


Sports. School spirit.


Football. Home games have the most ridiculous and exciting tailgating anyone could ask for. The school spirit permeates through Louisiana in an almost tangible manner. Everyone in the state really does love purple and live gold. The games are packed full of excitement and energy because of the fans, students, players, and coaches, not to mention the live tiger that makes an appearance at every game.


Athletics and acedemics. Both are at a high standard.


LSU is best known for athletics, especially football.


Football!! Mardi Gras!!


I is probably best known as a party school and a football school. However, academics have been steadily increasing with the Flagship agenda. It is now a top school. However, recent budget cuts may affect our academic status.


When poeple think of any South Eastern Conference School, in particular Louisiana State University, they think sports. Baton Rouge revolves around LSU's football season. Almost every Saturday in the fall, nearly 100,000 fans pack one of the largest and loudest stadiums in the country. Young and old alike spend each weekend on campus tailgating in an undescribably enthusiastic atmosphere that brings together not only the students of LSU, but the Baton Rouge community as a whole.


My school is best known for its close student, faculty relationships.


Louisiana State University is recognized for their pride in the academic and athletic programs. Students, staff, and alumni alike share a passion for the school's history and how it has developed into the pride and joy for the entire state of Louisiana. LSU is also known for their efforts in getting the students involved in work service programs, giving them a hands-on experience in the field in which they wish to pursue a career. It also has a beautiful campus.


My school is best known for academics or football. I really cannot choose between the two.


Tailgating on saturdays for football games


We are known for our academic excellence and our great football team geaux Tigers! We are also the biggest school in Louisiana.


LSU is most known for their athletic teams.


My school is probably best known for its football team and our championship seasons.


My school is best known for its' athletics. We just won the 2009 COLLEGE WORLD SERIES!


Football, drinking, partying, business, agriculture, graduate programs, extracurricular sports, extracurricular activities, good people, academics, high population, baseball, basketball, gym, nice facilities, lakes




My school is known for its setting. The campus is surrounded by lush landscaping from hundred year old oak trees to magnolia trees. The architecture of the buildings is magnificient. We are also known as on of the only land, sea, and space grant universities in the country. Our academic standing continues to grow every year. My school is also one of the top athletic programs in the entire countries which provides ample opportunity to experience Louisiana culture and cuisine through tailgating.


Football! LSU was the BCS Champions for 2007-2008 season




My school is probably best known for the football program. Here in Louisiana, LSU football is a huge part of life. The population here in Baton Rouge almost doubles on gameday!




Our footballteam is the reigning National Champions and the only school to have 2 BCS National Championships. We have one of the loudest stadiums in the NCAA. We are also know for our band (The Golden Band from Tigerland) is one of the best college bands in the country.


My school is best know for its football team, the LSU tigers.




Football and having a good time.


Louisiana State University is best known for Football and tailgating. It is an all day activity of drinking and hanging out with friends on campus. LSU is also known as a party school.


Its football games and tailgating. We win games and have a lot of school pride. Everyone in louisiana wants to go to LSU.