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It was the only school I considered. My family loves LSU.


The size of LSU- Baton Rouge is unique.


Something unique about Louisiana State University is that we have a live tiger (mascot) in a habitat on campus. One of my favorite things to do is visit "Mike the Tiger" and show my school spirit. The habitat built for our mascot is a very extravagant, beautiful environment that attracts many students throughout the year- it is definitely a sight to see. Another unique aspect of my school are the Indian Mounds located on campus. These mounds are thought to be more than 5,000 years old and were once used for ceremonial purposes. My school is quite unique!!


Louisiana State University is unique because there is a variety of majors that a student can choose from and those majors have a good program that will help a student be successful in the field that they choose to go in.


The school location is one of the things that attracted me the most. I grew up in Donna, Tx where being hispanic was a majority. In Louisiana being a hispanic is a minority. There are many different cultures, different people that i felt like LSU was the place for me. I also really love the school spirit, there is so much pride taken for being a tiger. Not to mention the sourthern hospatality makes you feel like you at home.


LSU is willing to work with your schedule. As a full-time employee, they make it easy for me to attend school part-time.


There is significantly more diversity at LSU than there are at the other schools I considered. I considered Southern University and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. For me as an African-American female in the south, I didn't want to be culturally limited. LSU exposed me to diverse cultures, beliefs, and areas of study.


I would choose this college for the ability to gain the university degree at a fraction of the cost! Why not come to one of the most collegiate sports teams in the U.S?


My school is unique compared to other schools because of the amount of school spirit that is displayed on an everyday basis. On any given day, you can walk around campus and see students and faculty proudly wearing their school colors as if it were gameday. The thing that is truly remarkable about this is that this sense of school spirit and "Tiger Pride" does not go away after graduation. There are countless alumni from age 25 to 95 that show their love for LSU everyday.


The campus culture around LSU is very positive. Everyone has a ton of school pride and spirit.


The campus and the tiger pride.


It has a really great atmosphere. The people are really friendly and it has good Southern charm. The campus is also really beautiful - I think that's what surprised me most. There are tons of trees and nice courtyards that you can study in. The buildings look really nice, too. If you're into sports this is definitely the place to be, but it also has what I'm looking for in quality education. I've had a really great time here.


Close enough to the expectations of the real-world.




Size, and school spirit


There is a strong sense of community and school pride.


Louisiana State University has a community based environment that makes it easy to form lasting relationships with friends, faculty, and staff. The communtiy based environment flows into the classroom , and it makes learning more interesting. Also, the scenery around the school is breath-taking.


LSU football!


There is tons of school spirit! Also, everyone is friendly and willing to lend a helping hand. In addition, there are tons of activities and extracurriculars to get involved in on campus.


The school spirit is very unique compared to other schools I applied to. The students and faculty seem to be proud of their university, and big fans of LSU football. Tailgating for football games is very popular, even amoung the older (such as parents and alumni) crowd. It's an experience to walk around and see the different setups that everyone has. Food and beer seems to never be short either.


Um, I really coudn't tell you whats unique about our school because I haven't seen many others, but We have lots of awesome oak trees!


I don't know.


LSU offers a wide variety of lucrative and excellent career majors. The broad range of engineering majors was a huge influence.


Our school has been largely built up to the size it is because of the famous governer, Huey P. Long. Also, our school has it's roots deep in the military history. We used to train men joining the army and send them to WWI and WWII and all sorts of other deals. Plus, what other school can have such a great level of diversity among its students, but since it rests in southern Louisiana, all get to expereince that great Cajun flair!


The environment always has great energy. People are friendly and open. Everyone wants to share their knowledge and culture. There are unlimited possibilities with regards to activities and people.


LSU is a community within itself. It is a beautiful and diverse campus, with everything necessary for work and play available to the students and faculty.


The culture of Baton Rouge is exceptional. Everyone is involved with football season and the community really comes together. You can't go anywhere in Louisiana without seeing purple and gold.


There is nothing really unique about LSU. Although other students may feel a strong connection to LSU, I have never felt that I belong there. Therefore, I can not define why it is unique.


I was a "nontraditional" student. I went to LSU to get a degree in Psychology at the age of 33 and graduated at 34, having spent four consecutive semesters there. I loved my time at LSU. I was able to achieve a 4.0 GPA. However, I was only able to accomplish this because of my own personal standards of achievement. The environment certainly didn't lend me a hand with this goal. There are times when I wish I had been at Tulane or some other school that had allowed me to really absorb the whole academic side of things in an easier and more rigorous fashion. But I do not regret going to LSU. I enjoyed my time there tremendously and have nothing but fond memories.


My main reason for picking this school over another was cost, but that's not the only reason. I felt like I belonged here because I've never met anyone who graduated not love it! Despite its large size you can still find those friends that are going to be with you forever. The sense of community here is abundant and it was a major factor in my happiness after the first semester. There are so many clubs and groups that you're bound to find a niche of great people!


Nothing is terribly unique about LSU. It seems like any other college to me. Football is a HUGE deal though so you better learn to love it or you'll have a very boring fall semester!




More should be done about students safety on campus. And... students' education. A while ago I've heard some statistics at the health center about the student population at LSU: 2 out of 5 students are treated at health center for venereal diseases!!! What about the ones that are not in treatment yet because they did not discover about it yet!? The percentage is ridiculous. This is a number that I would not like as a parent looking for a school for my kid!


I love LSU!!! I am so glad to be a part of this incredible universtiy!


LSU needs to wake up and develop an impressive film program. Baton Rouge is in the process of having several movie studios built. Some are already up and running. BRCC puts LSU to shame when it comes to films studies. If LSU is too apathetic to train students in production, it can at least be the best school in the state for film theory. The whole situation angers a lot of teachers, as well as myself.


Be sure to find out what games are for "priority points" and attend them or you might not get student season football tickets! BIG DEAL! Mellow Mushroom has karaoke on Wednesday nights-- it's not all karaoke but it IS the best night hot spot of the week! You'll find every kind of person and tons of people you know. STAY AWAY FROM BEER! It is the reason people gain the 'Freshman 15.' No, it doesn't matter that it's free, you will spend much more money on that personal trainer to rid yourself of the love handles. Louie's is a great 24 hour restaurant-- it has a big variety on the menu and it's themed like a diner. If you're looking for an apartment, get one on the bus route. Parking is terrible and it saves gas. The NORTH GATE of campus has much more crime than the SOUTH GATE. South gate is actually probably a little cheaper, too.


we need a god dan drainage system, and cheaper fees




LSU is very proud almost imperialistic, if you will. People who attend LSU believe that in every aspect LSU is the greastest university in the world.