Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love my school! Some things can be better, but its pretty cool.


I love LSU. For a southern school it is very cultured, but at the same time we are all one big family.


Due to the majority of the student body revolving around our football team, I would have to say that each football season is one of the most fun things every fall semester. LSU is most definitely a college town, and because of that, there are so many restaurants, shops, attractions to do or go to right within walking distance of the campus itself. LSU may be rather large in numbers, but I like the sense of community that it has. It makes the student body feel more close-knit while still allowing you the freedom to be a part of several different organizations and meet new friendly faces! One thing I'd change, though is probably the crime rate within the outer areas of Baton Rouge. Not that I alone can change that but if I could, I would. When I tell people that i go to LSU, the first response is "Geaux Tigers!" or "Oh, my relative/friend, So-and-So, goes there too!" To go along with that all, we have a TON of school pride, only heightened by football season in the fall and basketball & baseball seasons in the spring. There is ALWAYS something happening on/around campus each night and that is what contributes to such a conducive atmosphere when trying to meet/make new friends!


LSU is an amazing university! Our university is a perfect example of what school spirit looks like. The way students unite for sports is unbelievable. We may be all different types of people but we have one thing in common...We love our Tigers! LSU is somewhat of a college town but many families live here as well. When I tell people I go to LSU their eyes immediately brighten up and say "LSU?!!!? Do you love it?!" We have great school spirit, there is always something to do, and people can be friendly. Some cons of LSU would be the PARKING there is not enough parking for off campus students which really sucks at times. I will never forget the moment when I went to New Orleans for the National Championship to cheer on our football team to a national championship. Seeing LSU students walking around New Orleans we felt at home. A moment I will never forget!


LSU is an amazing university! Our university is a perfect example of what school spirit looks like. The way students unite for sports is unbelievable. We may be all different types of people but we have one thing in common...We love our Tigers! LSU is somewhat of a college town but many families live here as well. When I tell people I go to LSU their eyes immediately brighten up and say "LSU?!!!? Do you love it?!" We have great school spirit, there is always something to do, and people can be friendly. Some cons of LSU would be the PARKING there is not enough parking for off campus students which really sucks at times. I will never forget the moment when I went to New Orleans for the National Championship to cheer on our football team to a national championship. Seeing LSU students walking around New Orleans we felt at home. A moment I will never forget!


I LOVE Louisiana State University. The best thing is the sense of community you feel living on campus. You get to know people through your classes, dorms, or even extracurricular activities, and that really helps with the transition from high school to college. If I had to change one thing about LSU, it would probably be the way the meal plan is operated. There are three places you can use your meals at during the week: Outtakes (Taco Bell and Papa John's), 459 Commons, and The 5. Sometimes the food they serve is good, but other times it's just not. The size of LSU is just right. Walking around takes some time to get used to, but the campus is beautiful, and the people are great. There is TONS of school pride. Especially surrounding the sports and education programs. We all love being LSU Tigers. The one thing that I will always remember is my first football game here in Tiger Stadium.The pride, noise, and atmosphere was just amazing. The most common complaints here at LSU are probably about the menus in the "cafeterias". Don't get me wrong. I'm not deliberately trying to criticize or anything. It's just that sometimes we have no idea what they're offering us. As you might be able to tell, my overall opinion is that LSU is an awesome place to live and learn.


There is definitely school pride amongst the students at my school. If I had to change one thing, I would try to find a way to make parking on-campus easier/ more available. I would definitely consider the area to be a college town since it is filled with apartment complexes and snack shops available to all. Everyone decorates stores and homes with the school colors and mascot symbol. It is hard not to be excited to go to LSU. Everyone takes even more pride in the school due to our well-known, talented football team; however, there is music, academics, volunteer opportunities, and Greek life available to all students as well.


LSU is a very good college with many great opportunities for students. However, just like any other college, it does have some negative qualities such as NO Parking! This generally causes problems in residential areas especially during game days when non-residents park on campus because it becomes extremely hard to find a parking spot close to your dorm. But LSU is very good with enforcing parking laws and they will give you a ticket and/or tow your car if necessary. To me, LSU is the perfect size school. When you first come to this school it seems to be too much and you wonder how you will ever find your way around this entire campus but once you start going to classes and walking around you will come to realize that it's not as big as it appears. I probably spend most of my time on campus in my dorm or in the student union. The student union is newly renovated and is extremely nice. There are many comfortable places to sit down and several dining options to choose from if you get hungry. They have a bookstore in there reminiscent of a typical barns and noble and they even put a red box in the union so you don't have to go all the way to the store. There is a lot of school pride at LSU, people go around with body paint, tag stickers to their car, and walk down the street chanting the LSU school spirit song. It can get a bit annoying at times but it's really kind of cool when you think about it.


The best aspect of LSU is the diversity of students. Rarely will you find a university offering such a wide variety of opportunity. The TOPS program is a marvelous idea theoretically; however, the way it is carried out is running our school to the ground financially. The school is only as big as your community within in; the more you get involve, the bigger your circle grows. I have yet to see a campus as beautiful as ours.


I think the best thing about the school is the integration of its campus in the community, but this is also something I would change. It is hard to keep people from soliciting to the students with this type of campus layout. I spend all of my time in the classroom. Some of the administration is there to focus on higher education but most of the administration is merely there to earn a paycheck.


I think the best thing about the school is the integration of its campus in the community, but this is also something I would change. It is hard to keep people from soliciting to the students with this type of campus layout. I spend all of my time in the classroom. Some of the administration is there to focus on higher education but most of the administration is merely there to earn a paycheck.


It is a great atmosphere, a beautiful campus, a really fun place to be (depending on your major and work ethic), and there are some pretty remarkably good-looking women.


LSU is a fun, exciting, and spirited college. Many degrees are offered and there's a large variety of classes to choose from. Even though LSU has over 30,000 students, clubs and organizations make the experience more personal and are a great way to meet people. Although the classes are large, Southern hospitality is abundant and people are really friendly. Professors are friendly, supportive and helpful for the most part. I think LSU is the right size. There's just enough people that you can always meet someone new! However, if I could change one thing, it'd be smaller class sizes. The large auditorium-sized classes can be intimidating, especially for a freshman. School pride is HUGE at LSU. Football is a huge deal, and Baton Rouge is a real college town. LSU is the main thing going on in Baton Rouge, so gamedays are super exciting. What's more fun than screaming at the top of your lungs alongside 90,000 other fans on a Saturday night?! During weekends and gamedays, LSU is filled with party atmosphere and there is always something fun to do. However, come midterms and finals week, the library becomes the central hub on campus for all students. LSU students know when to work hard and when to play hard.


My overall opinion of LSU is that it is an excellent school that teaches you how to be your own person. LSU is a very large campus and it hard to sometimes connect with others but helps you get out there and get involved. the university has many ways to condense the university into a smaller community and familiarize students with their colleagues, As a football school, we take pride in everything we do. We bleed purple and live gold so finding friedns is never hard on this campus. As long as you love LSU, we love you! The best thing is that we are in a college town, their are 3 colleges in baton rouge and we all get a long great! So if you feel like you will see the same peple veryday, your wrong! There is always room to meet new people. the community around us Loves LSU too and it feels good to walk around with putple and gold on and be able to say "I go to LSU!"


My overall opinion of LSU is that it's generally amazing. My college experience so far has been quite exceptional. The LSU campus is pretty large so there are plenty of diverse people to interact with, and I pretty much meet a new person every day. Living on campus has given me ample opportunities to participate in all kinds of activities, like: basketball games, football games, Residential Life, free speech ally rallies, the activities seem like they never end. Plus the food isn't half bad either!



I love just about everything about LSU, its a fantastic balance of academics and fun. We know how to study in Middleton Library, or under an oak tree for hours at a time, but cut loose in Tiger Stadium when the Tigers lead the way to victory. And even though the school is large, everything is in walking distance and you dont have to look far to find friendly faces.


I have been to multiple colleges, and LSU is by far my favorite. Many people complain about being lost in the crowd at a big school, but I have never experienced that at LSU. I always avoided big schools for that reason, but in my opinion the advantages far outweigh any problems I have had. A big school offers many more professional and extracurricular activities that simply are not realistic for smaller schools to have. The football season and tailgate atmosphere is a great way to meet new people, and few places tailgate like LSU. Overall I love the school and have never regretted my decision to transfer here.


My opinion is that LSU is a great place to be educated, not only in school, but in life. There is so much diversity to be found on campus that it is easy to find yourself growing in more ways than just traditional knowledge. Campus is full of school pride and exciting events such as athletics, lectures, and artistic performances. Baton Rouge is full of activities ranging from the bars in Tigerland to quaint little eateries that include the best frozen yogurt and beignets. The Student Union is always packed with students and has delicious places to eat. LSU is the perfect mix of excitement and education


LSU is all about experiences. It’s the experiences of community, whether it be through football games, through partying, through more academic organizations, or through living on campus. We,as students, appreciate the fact we are at something far bigger than themselves. The size of the University presents students with opportunities to do so much from getting involved academically to finding a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s about the experiences of involvement from joining a frat to working on campus to not doing anything at all. LSU seems to offer anything any student could imagine. The experience of going to LSU is so unique and exciting, students cannot even fathom what it would be like to have gone somewhere else. But along with this, comes with small annoyances, like not enough parking and not an one-on-one teacher/student interaction.


The best thing about this school to me, is the school spirit when it comes to football. The LSU football team is supported well by the students. If I could change anything about this school it would probably be the allocation of funds towards the football team being used for other educational things. The school is the perfect size. You can know enough people to not know everyone. When people hear that I go to LSU they are very excited, Especially because in Baton Rouge LSU is the college to attend. I spend most of my time on campus in the student union, this is where most people spend their time. Socializing and associating with others. The school's administration is excellent, but sometimes you have to know the right person to go to with certain problems seeing as the campus is so large. As I stated before the school's pride is at an extremely high level.


Student body size is perfect for the physical size of the campus, classes are large but very well managed/taught for the most part. The student union is a great area with food and tables, although it does get very crowded around lunch time. The library is an excellent resource and study area. The campus is very safe at all hours of the day/night.


The best thing about this school is the Honors College and the ability to focus in on your major when you get down to it. I'd change the demographics of this place to be more diverse if I could. I spend most of my time walking. And the city of Baton Rouge wouldn't thrive as it does if it weren't for this college. Things stay interesting. Res Life and Student Activity Board are great.


For me, LSU has been everything I could have asked for plus some. The wide variety of classes, organizations, and activities as well as the school spirit, beautiful campus, and our mascot's on-campus habitat are just a few things that I love about LSU. It is considered a larger university with approximately 28,000 undergraduates but this creates a diverse atmostphere that is uncomparable to anywhere else. We have a great selection of classes and professors as well as helpful tutoring services inside and outside of the classroom. The chancellor, dean, and student government work hard to ensure that students' needs are met. Advising is always readily available. Technology is up to date and many renovations are taking place, such as a new bookstore and, soon, a new REC center.


LSU is a great school academically, socially, and residentially. It definitely develops and prepares you for your future career. Being part of a school who is currently ranked #1 in the nation for football also makes it an even better experience and certainly makes me proud to be a tiger! This school is one of the best flagship universities in the south.


The school is big- so you'll always be making new friends. It's in a great city- so you'll always be having a good time. It has tradition that spans over 150 years. When I think about our tradition, I think about the people that have walked the halls of LSU prior to my entrance. The university has produced governors and senators, national media personalities, world-renowned researchers and scientists, bestselling authors, and professional athletes in every sport imaginable. Because of the food, the fun, and the fellowship that LSU has to offer, I now consider this place to be home. My time as an LSU student has literally been the best of my 21 short years of life.


One of the most enjoyable places to go to college. Period. I can't think of anywhere else that is more fun. The people are laid back and friendly. The people of South Louisiana know how to enjoy life better than any other group I've ever been around in the U.S. This rubs off on LSU. p.s. There is a lot of alcohol and recreational drug usage. I do not and have not used drugs, and I was shocked to see how prevalent it was when I was there.


The best thing about LSU is the diversity that its size offers it to have. There are a million and one things to get involved in and once you find your niche it literally shrinks. You can have relationships with students and teachers on interpersonal levels you wouldn't think possible at a university of this size. Football is an integral part of the town and of student life and I wouldn't change that for the world, a night in Tiger Stadium is truly unforgetable! People, students and nonstudents alike, bleed purple and gold like the saying goes! We might get rowdy, but we all have big hearts:)


LSU is a great school. You'll get lots of opportunities and meet a LOT of different people. Yeah, its big. 30,000 people can be quite intimidating. But it doesnt have to be. LSU is what you make of it. There are plenty of semesters where I have the same 5 people in my classes for two years straight. That makes it feel just that much smaller. And sometimes, you like the big university bc it gives you some space. Its a good school with good programs at a great price. For Louisiana, you can't ask for much more.


The tradition it's the best thing. The culture. I like that people have a sense of belonging. I would change the tuition system. I know that because of TOPS, instead of putting a tuition, on some that covers all, they break it down in 100 fees so that they can cheat the system. TOPS waves the tuition, but not the fees. This makes the life and the accounting more complicated and reduces significantly the assistantships of grad students. The school is just right, I don't think it's too big. Definitely not small. In Louisiana, people are impressed if you say that you go to LSU. Outside Louisiana... not so much. They smile and they talked about football, but they are not impressed about the academic performance here. What college town and... after the killing of the 2 Indian students in Eduard Gay... are you kidding me? I don't even leave late from office anymore!!! Rec center I guess is the only place I go from time to time and I do hang out at the bookstore for a coffee. Chimes is not bad either. Highland coffee... if you have time to kill and the weather is nice. The LSU administration is pathetic. With the money that come in because of football, they could do something for the education too. Improve the ratings. And I do know what I talk about since I have worked as an accounting student worker for some grant and I have seen first hand how money is wasted. There is no sense of responsibility or accountability in many of the departments here. And... to quote from an old saying: the fish gets spoiled starting with the head, so the upper echelons in administration... I don't even want to think about it! I do not keep track of the frivolous controversies on campus, but I do wander why the killing of 2 students inside the campus apartments didn't start any controversy. Is it because they are international, so... less than nothing in this country? There is a lot of school pride, that we have. Pride! Unusual... pleasantly unusual is the dedication with which Tiger fans come from across the state to the games with their families and manage to keep the party decent. The mascot I would say is pretty unusual. But spectacular and nice. Experience I'll always remember... hopefully my graduation! Complaints: students complain about teachers. Always. Everybody else is to blame for their poor academic performance but themselves.


LSU Pride would have to be the best thing about the University. We are nationally known and those who come from LSU are proud of it. It is rather large, however many of the things that are available wouldn't be possible if we were smaller. People know about LSU and realize that it's the biggest University in Louisiana and it is the State School. I spend most of my time at the Fraternity house. I live here. LSU's administration is often focused on making us a top tier school. While some students realize it will make a diploma for LSU more prestigious, some students have experienced "culture shock" due to the policy changes such as the limit of "W's" allowed when dropping courses. The recent controversy on campus would have to be the Easy Streets. Yes there is very much school pride. An unusual thing about LSU is that we don't have just one rival. When it comes to Athletics, it seems as though any SEC team is our rival depending on the game to be played Saturday night. I'll remember my experiences with the Fraternity at LSU. Lately it seems Easy Streets has created a lot of complaints.


Definately a college town. Baton rouge seems empty when school isn't in session. Baton Rouge revolvs around LSU


Sports and the beautiful campus are the best things. If I could change one thing it would be the parking situations on campus. LSU is alittle too large but it gives you a lot of oppurtunities to meet new people and get super involved. Most of my time on campus is spent in the classrooms, the union grabbing a bite to eat or the library. School pride takes over not only campus but the entire city of Baton Rouge. It's awesome and inspiring. I'm only a sophomore but I have already had so many rememberable experiences. The Florida football game this year made me cry and I walked away from the stadium (after being there for 6 1/2 hours) without a voice from cheering.


The best thing about LSU is its spirit. When you step on campus, you know you are at LSU, it feels like no other place. A sense of community and a feeling that you belong overcomes you as soon as you pass through the gates. I would change parking at LSU, I wish there were parking lots closer to the classes, library, etc. I think LSU is just right, I would probably know more people if it were smaller, but it feels so good to be a part of something SO big. People are usually impressed when they are told I attend LSU, I have never had a negative reaction. Most of my time on campus is spent in classes or in the library. I think LSU's administration is wonderful, I don't know if the school could be ran any better. The biggest school controversey was the homicide of two foreign students at their apartments. The amount of school pride is unbelieveable...we're the national champions!!


LSU is a great place to go if you're looking to continue your education in a place where you won't see the same two faces on any given day. There are lots of students of all different ages, races, nationalities, sexualities, and personalities walking around... and we are known for having a wealth of student organizations. Therefore, it's easy to find your place to fit in! Whether it's through greek life, a club, or an on or off campus job, you're sure to find your "group" of friends quickly. Also, with such a large campus, there are a lot of added conveniences like a free bus system and lots of eateries, coffee shops, and vending machines. We have a McDonald's, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Chic-fil-A, Starbucks, PJ's, sushi restaurant, Blimpee, and Sandela's in the Union. There is a CC's Coffee in the library. Behind the library there is a Subway. Just a short walk off campus there is Wendy's, Smoothie King, Mr. Gatti's, and Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers. Also on campus are plenty of vending machines and even a convenience store near the dormitories. Also, students pay a "tech fee" as part of tuition whcih goes toward making our campus VERY tech-savvy. Our campus is 100% wireless and students can always get a very high speed and secure wireless connection. Computer labs offering WORKING equipment and all the programs you can possibly need are spread out throughout campus and have flexible hours. Through the tech fee, students can also download a lot of expensive programs like Microsoft Office for FREE on their computers! They can also get discounts on software. We have computer testing centers where some professors give exams on a computer. Whether it's biology, math, or astronomy, the student can go take the test on a computer in a testing lab when convenient for him or her during a 3-4 day testing window instead of going take the test in class. This makes so many students relieved because they have extra time to study and can schedule the exams around work or other classes. The LSU area is (to an extent) a college town because you can drive around on any weeknight and find plenty of hot spots around campus for live music, art, religion, or just plain old barhopping and drinking. House parties are constantly going on and most students in Baton Rouge are very friendly and hospitable. There is so much school spirit at LSU. Having recently won the BCS National Championship for the second time, football is our major pride and joy. LSU students go crazy about football season and you haven't seen tailgating until you've seen our campus on a home game day. The most unusual thing about us is that we have a live tiger as our mascot, but Mike is everyone's favorite animal. He has a beautiful multi-million dollar habitat that students and tourists alike visit at all times of the day. Housing on and around campus is very diverse. There are affordable areas to live as well as more luxuirious student housing developments. Tigerland is its own neighborhood of mostly college students living in older, cheaper apartments and there are a handful of very popular bars, stores, and eateries there within walking distance.


Parking needs to improve. LSU's size feels just right. I often see people I have had classes with over the years. I also cross paths with friends regularly. People from New Orleans sometimes look down on LSU. Other than them, people do not seem to care either way. THE REVEILLE loves to stir up silly controversies whenever it came. I quit reading the campus newspaper after last semester. The stories insulted my intelligence. I would say that school pride ranges anywhere from self-loathing to some to excessive.


FOOTBALL SEASON is by far the biggest perk of being an LSU student. The whole spirit of the campus is outstanding and it sucks you in. By the time you finish with one season, you'll be a hardcore, TRUE LSU fan (if you weren't already!). It's really not as large as it seems-- you get to know people within your college (there are several colleges within LSU that house related majors) and its not too hard to meet people. There are ways to make it smaller-- GET INVOLVED, and definitely step out of your shell and talk to that kid next to you. It's definitely a college town, of course with LSU, it's pretty much a college state.. Everyone in Louisiana LOVES LSU and could probably literally bleed purple and gold. Cool places on campus-- THE LAKES. They're right on the outskirts of campus and lots of people walk or jog around them. They're a great place to just hang out and feed the ducks after a long day. "Baton Rouge Beach" is also located along the banks of the lakes. MIKE'S CAGE. Mike VI, our own personal real life tiger, has a habitat right next to the stadium. He's our good luck charm-- if you see him out, you'll have a great day/ace that test/get the job you're interviewing for. If not, better reschedule. THE FOUNTAIN-- Sit next to it and look over your notes. Located conveniently in the quad, it's a great place to focus. JOURNALISM BUILDING-- if you need to study, this is a great place to do it. It's usually quiet and filled with plenty of seating.


The best thing about LSU has to be the tradition and the football games. I don't think I could come up with one thing to change. It's a big school and big campus, but not as overwhelming as you would think. Having recently won the BCS National Championship, people's reactions about me going to LSU are usually pretty positive. I spend most of my time on campus in class; besides that, I don't really study on campus or eat on campus. Baton Rouge is definitely a college town. Life in this city centers around sports, drinking, and tradition. No matter where you look, whether it is on stores' signs, banners, t-shirts, advertisements, etc. there is a huge display of school pride. An unusual thing about LSU would probably be the way we tailgate. Having students from other colleges come visit for games, we usually notice their eyes getting wider and wider at our customs on gameday. I'll always remember the food (boudin, crawfish, jambalaya, etc.), the football games, the crazy nights, and the unity of the student body.


lsu football, school spirit i'd change the parking! it's pretty big but that's ok to me people are like wow, alright, they oto lsu, not impressed or disgusted spend most of my time on campus during class, then i'm never there college town admin is a little unorganized it seems controversy...okeefe? or the girls bball coach unbelieveable amountof school pride unusual-- lot of school spirit? little too much sometimes maybe experience- someone tightrope walking in the quad. going to class in the rain/ parking


The best thing about LSU is that it is a focus on the students learning. One thing I would change about LSU is to have more classes, more extracurricular activities, and more parking. My school is just right. People are very intimidated when i tell them that i go to LSU. I spend most of my time on campus in the Manual Hall going from class to class. The town that my college is in is Eunice. LSU's administration is very involved with the students. The most recent controversy is the threatening voicemail left on a faculty members phone. There is ALOT of school pride. Almost every person you see there are wearing a LSUE T-shirt, have LSU keychain, plate on car, sticker on car, backpack, EVERYTHING you can think of!! The only unusual thing about LSU is that they have alot of room to make parking but dont. Students really have to get there about 30 minutes earlier just to find a spot. One experience i will always remember is my first semester, when it finished, they had fun jumps and food stands...like they were excited that we actually finished. I was so surprised to see that. The most frequent student complaints are the parking situations.


The best thing about LSU is football. I would love to take a bull-dozer and take out all of the Easy Street gates. The biggest recent controversy was whether or not Chancellor O'keefe was forced to resign.


The best part of LSU is the atmosphere. It just feels like everyone loves it here and that feeling is contagious. If i could change one thing about LSU t would be the Easy Streets program. It is just the right size. I spend most of my time on campus either in class or at my fraternity house. Im pretty nonchalant about our administration. The flying of a puple and gold confederate flag. There is a TON of school pride. Expieriences I will always remember are the football games. The most frequent comlaint is Easy Streets.


LSU is a great place to attend school. Its a school that is small enough that you will always see friends when your on campus but at the same time its not tiny. When I tell people I'm an LSU student they always have the same reaction, "GREAT FOOTBALL TEAM!" The students are very proud of the accomplishments of our football program but their is so much more to LSU. Its a school that can offer students whatever they might want to do. Its also located in the capitol city of Louisiana so their are many things to do off campus. Downtown Baton Rouge has tons of activities all year round to go check out. As a whole LSU is a school with tons of spirit and a great community to further your education.


By far, atmosphere is LSU's greatest asset. Southern hospitality, a beautiful campus, and school spirit all culminate to create LSU. I wish we could drive on campus during the day. My freshman year we were allowed to drive on campus, it was very convenient. Officials say it is due to LSU being a walking campus; students say it is so the officials can drive around without traffic. There is not nearly enough parking. Students have no say in big decisions pertaining to the university. We have a student government, but they have no real power. We have voted issues down, but the board will still pass them. For example, when asked if incoming freshmen should be forced to live on campus, we overwhelmingly voted no, it was still passed that they must. I love the size of LSU. The 30,000+ enrollment is well dispersed over the large campus. Plus, events and nightlife are more fun with more people. Since my classes are mainly liberal arts, I spend most of time in the quad. Baton Rouge is most definitely a college town. All walks of life attend things at LSU, and students are treated great throughout the city. Also, when LSU loses a big football game, I think all of Baton Rouge goes into a depression. LSU's school pride is incredible. At least half of the students are wearing something LSU, very rarely do I see merchandise of different schools. The school definitely has a special way of painting hearts purple and gold.




I think the best thing about LSU is that there is no way you can't meet someone new and different. There is such a wide variety of people that it is impossible to at least see them. One thing I would change though is that I would fix up the Art buildings. They are old and decrepit as are several other facilities on campus. As for size, it is just right. LSU isn't ridiculously huge nor too small. When I say I go to LSU, they usually just say "Go Tigers!" I spend most of my time running around campus for classes and hanging out with people. Baton Rouge, is the definition of College Town. There are apartments and condos everywhere. Also, the businesses all have LSU colors in their windows and most businesses caters to students. LSU administration needs to remember academics some more and not place too much emphasis on athletics. I am personally disappointed in the way they only upgrade the business and engineering programs and forgets the arts. The biggest controversy is safety on campus. They are currently working on improvements though. School Pride? All I can say is watch one football game. The unusual thing about LSU is that no matter how much you are not into football, everyone here cheers it on. One experience I will always remember the RHA block parties and meeting new people every year. Most of student complaints are that the facilities need improvement.