Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


In high school I was not a serious student, I suffered from undiagnosed sever ADHD. All my life my grades fell short of my potential. That all changed at LSU. Here, I was able to focus on my strengths. For instance, since LSU is such a big school, there are an abundance of professors for each class. I am able to research a professor and make my decision based on which teaching style best fits me. Also, the school spirit is exceptional; being an LSU student at Tiger Stadium, during a football game is an irreplaceable feeling.


I think the best thing about my school is our archive. We have large amounts of historical books, manuscripts and ephemera right at our fingertips. I think history is key to understanding the present and being able to move on to bigger and better things. Because of the importance of history, that's why I would say the archive is the best thing on campus.


There is a unique sense of belonging at LSU. Even though there are many diverse groups of friends, faculty, alumni, etc., we all share a common idea: we love LSU, especially LSU football. It is a ritual in South Louisiana that gives me chills every time I mention it. At this school, I met life-long friends and learned a great deal about myself. I will always look back on my college days at LSU fondly.


The school spirit is best around every student actually wants to be there and it makes for an enjoyable day.


The best thing about attending LSU-BR is the atmosphere. There is always a high level of school spirit and every person is their OWN PERSON. It is okay to be you no matter if people accept you or not. The only cultural factor you will find yourself "having" to conform to is being a "TIGER", otherwise BE YOU AND IT IS OKAY! LSU is open to every one and their values, culture, opinions!


My favorite part of LSU is the sense of tradition. It is truly a special experience to be around thousands of people that are full of pride for the school you love. The pride of purple and gold is one of the main reasons I chose LSU.


The uniqueness about the campus is its integration in the community, it is not defined in terms of signs and streets being dedicated to the campus but rather a blend into the city surrounding.


I like the school life and academics. I thought that lsu had a lot to offer me.


I like the size of the campus I'm always meeting new people to help in my studies, my social life, or any other aspect.


I enjoy the environment at Louisiana State University. The students, faculty, and staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I have mady an endless amount of friends at LSU and can see myself here for all my years of upcoming education.


The best thing about my school is the opportunites offered. There are a variety of activities and resources that we are allowed to have, including health care, fitness, tutoring, and food.


The best thing about my school is the upbeat atmosphere. The football games at Tiger Stadium are unique and irreplaceable. I love the sense of community and spirit that is in each classroom. Friends are also easy to make here, all one has to do is get active and meet new people.


the amount of clubs and activities offered because it helps people expanded their horzon and enlarge their bubble.


The atmosphere of the campus is by far, one of the greatest things that I have ever experienced. Whether it be a typical Tuesday or a gameday against one of our SEC rivals, nothing compares to the vibe given by both the campus and its inhabitants. On a campus filled with oaks and fields, LSU doesn't even feel like it educates 30,000+ people a year. Not once in almost one year of living here, have I had a major negative confrontation with anyone here. Everyone is out to help you and make your life as easy as possible


The best thing about Louisiana State University (LSU) is the passion and love that you almost instantly develop when you first step on campus. I remember my first day of orientation when I first stepped on campus it immediately felt like my home away from home. Also the feeling that you are not alone, this is extremely apparent on game day. The fans and alumni come from miles to display just how much they truly love this amazing university. There is purple and gold for miles and miles, it?s the greatest site in the world.


The best thing about LSU is the atmosphere. There is a great student body and faculty that are willing to help any student. There is a sense of Southern hospitality at my school which really helps students adjust to college life. The campus is beautiful and allows for a peaceful environment for students and staff. There is easy access to many facilities and there are tons of activities available for students to get involved.


The best thing about LSU is the feeling of togetherness students have with each other as well as with the faculty and the surrounding community. There are so many opportunities given to students by all the people they interact with on a daily basis. The surrounding community always finds ways to involve students in their work- to gain real world experience and knowledge in many different areas of a company. Professors often help by interacting with students to help insure they are learning beneficial information and have access to beneficial opportunities.


For me personally it is learning a new way of life, living far away from home, and meeting all sorts of new/different people. This campus is very diverse, and lends itself to multiple ways of learning.


Atmosphere. The campus is almost always bustling with people, but it manages to still be quiet and peaceful. There's always something to do, and there's something for everyone, regardless of their background or interests. Everyone has a strong sense of school pride. I can't imagine going anywhere else.


Atmoshpere of belonging.


There is hardly a good thing about this school. Louisiana is known for it's laziness - the Union here has been under construction for years and is barely halfway there. Everyone goes to work at 10am, takes lunch from 11-noon, then takes off at 2pm. The state is lazy, the school is lazy, the students are lazy. Nothing gets done. It's the least progressive place I've seen from here to England. Students get handed passing grades and the teachers seem to know as much as we do about the subjects. I'm progressive and I'm stuck.


I love my school. LSU has a beautiful campus and a very relaxed atmosphere. There are so many activities that sutdents can participate in. I love everything about it!


School pride, definitely! Especially being an athlete, the school spirit surrounding sports is out of this world! During game day's, no matter what sport you play, the atmosphere is absolutely electric. From the tailgating, to the roaring unison of the fans, there is no place like Baton Rouge on gameday. I would suggest to everyone to attend an LSU sports game at least once in their lives- It's truely a one-of-a-kind experience!


The best thing about LSU are the friends that I've made here. I was randomly paired with a roommate my freshman year and she's my best friend! We've been roommates for the past 4 years and I never would have met her if I hadn't come to LSU. I also love my classes in the Kinesiology curriculum. I'm going to physical therapy school after graduation and the courses I've taken at LSU have been excellent in preparing me.


LSU football is the best thing about LSU. Over a hundred thousand fans come to our campus for game days for great food, fun, and entertainment. No other university throws a football game like LSU does. Death Valley with 92,000 of your best friends has given me life long memories that I will never forget and will tell future generations about. The whole school comes together for these games and the students put their heart and souls into the big games. One of the loudest places on earth and some of my best memories will/have been formed there.


The best thing about LSU is the environment because you feel at home even when you're at school.


The best thing about my school is our passion and pride! LSU's student body is proud to be tigers! We are proud of our school itself, our national champion football team and other succesful sports, and most importantly we are proud of the great state of Louisiana and our unique culture. Its one of a kind for our love of the best food in the country and our ability to befriend anyone we meet. We Louisiananians are very friendly people and can talk to anyone...anyone!!


The avaliability of the professors on campus and their willingness to interact with their students on a personal level is crucial to success here, especially in some of the larger lecture classes.


The best thing about LSU is probably the people. It is easy to make friends, and the people here tend to be very nice and loquacious. Almost everybody has a profound amount of school spirit, which makes it easier for people to connect with one another.


THe campus on game days is so vibrant and full of life, it's an experience in itself. Everyone comes together regardless of differences to cheer on our football team against whomever is playing.


The best thing about LSU is the school spirit during the football season. Inside Death Valley are 92,000 of your closest friends and you're all present for the same reason: to support your team.


The enviornment and atmosphere. It's beautiful on this campus.


The best thing about LSU is the school spirit that everyone exhibits on this campus. Football season is the time that you would see most of the students getting along! We all where our purple and gold faithfully as one bringing life to our slogan: I bleed Purple and Gold!


The best thing about my school would have to be the easy access to classrooms from on-campus housing. I think every major building on campus is no more than a 5-8min walk for the dorms or apartments.




Sense of tradition and heritage.


For me, the best thing has been the Honors College and Interior Design Program.


Football and tailgating!!!


The best thing about LSU is the commitment to community service. There are numerous amounts of clubs and honor societies that give everyone a chance to participate in community service and volunteer activities. It is fun and a great way to meet people.


There is so much to it...LSU can be tailored made for anyone who comes here. There is so much to do, so manny diffrent types of people, that there is a home for everyone.


THe ablitity of if able to make you do things on your own the teachers dont baby you you have to do the work on yur own.


There's a niche for everyone. LSU has some of the best fans in the nation. On home games the whole campus turns into a festival in which you can socialize and take part in. The food is absolutely amazing. The very best thing about LSU is the people. The people make it a place where I love to be. You can't find a group of nicer, more accepting and open peers and professors.


The best thing about LSU is the sense of community combined with the large number of great academic programs, many of which students don't know about until they get to LSU.


The campus. The great oaks are beautiful. The layout is so large and spacious. To walk the entire campus coupld probably take an hour.