Lourdes University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Lourdes University is a small close knit community where the faculty and staff truly care about their students' success. We are an active part of the community in which the school is located. We learn in dynamic settings that encourage students to develop critical thinking skills and challenge our ability to grow beyond what we ever thought possible.




Small, private, Catholic, diverse and welcoming liberal arts university, situated on a beautiful, quiet, suburban and conveniently located campus.


very well developed and nice people and teachers are excellent but once you cannot pay they dont help with alturnitives


Lourdes University is a small, quiet, beautiful, and safe campus.


THis is a great school to attend and has great class sizes. It sits in a residencial neighborhood so the school is not a hugh school. It used to be a catholic school that converted to a University recently. It still has Nuns living on the campus since it was founded by Nuns. The campus has a eat in dining hall for breakfast, lunch and dinner catered by a chef so the meals are nutrutional. This school has a great nursing department that graduates many of the ohio nurses that are employed world wide. Lourdes is a great school.


It's beautiful at Lourdes, reminds me of a museum.


Lourdes is very tehnologically advanced and in tune with what their students need to succeed.


Lourdes is a small university that is filled with great professors that want nothing more than to see their students succeed in their career, live the mission statement and values, and lives up to it's students expectations.


Small university with exemplary accredidations in Nursing, Social Work, and more, with small classrooms and a curriculum that includes the non-traditional "18-20 yr old" student, but students of all ages.


Lourdes University has a small campus with friendly and helpful staff available to assist students with their education.




Lourde Universtity reaches out to each and every student to ensure that they have a wonderful college expereience full of Fransiscan values.


Lourdes has wonderful faculty that are truely there to help us succeed.


Lourdes is family friendly and promotes sucess of their students.


A small but spirited school that strives to educate and build the futures of its students.


Lourdes is a faith-based college, it is located on a beautiful wooded landscape. There is a serenity and a calm warm aura about this whole campus. The classrooms are small so nobody has to feel overwhelmed. We are a very close-knitted community, with a mission and diverse ministries. Lourdes is tech-savvy. There are all kinds of tools of help at Lourdes, that no individual needs to fail. We have a multitude of counsellors with an open-door policy, that truly cares for it's student body. Our advisors are always close at hand, we have free tutors.


This is an amazing school, the staff and students really care and make everyone feel welcome.


Lourdes, the place where traditional and non-traditional students feel comfortable around each other in a comfortable atmosphere.


Lourdes is an inviting, wonderful, fun filled college.


Lourdes College is a strong foundation that promotes higher education and success!


Lourdes College is a small, private college in a suburban setting where a great deal of individualized attention is given to each student to help him/her achieve his/her highest potential.


Lourdes College promotes high academic and ethical standards.


Lourdes College has an extremely welcoming and friendly learning enviroment where the teachers along with other students will do anything to help you succeed in your chosen field.


Lourdes College is a wonderful and welcoming school with faculty and staff always willing to help.


My school is very student friendly, has a wonderful and supportive learning environment wherever you go or with whomever you approach, as far as the other students, the faculty and the staff, as well as offering a fairly large number and a variety of services for the students, a fantastic outreach program to the community, very active and involved in charity work, and always has some interesting, and sometimes new events taking place at the school, which are always open to not only the students, faculty and staff, but to the community at large, as well.


My school is always willing to help you out with whatever needs you may have, they are small, very flexible, and they have excellent teachers!


Lourdes College is a small, private college located in a serene, Catholic environment and most students are non-traditional.


Lourdes College is a place for a person to come and become a sucess.