Lourdes University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


my classmates are nice they are funny and communicate well and we get along great


my classmates were friendly.


My classmates are enthusiastic about learning and helpful in achieving a rewarding education.


Mostly quiet, we are all here for a reason and that's to get a good education so must students seem to socialize outside of school.


My classmates are extremely kind, helpful, entergetic, determined, and are my second family.


My classmates are unique because they were made by a perfect creator; and they all have different personalities that lights up the classroom and that alone allows us to bond as if we met each other before-but we haven't.


My classmates are quiet, tenative, and sucessful.


My classmates are helpful and educated.


The classmates that I have had throughout the whole 4 years that I have been at Lourdes has varied. In my first two semester their, the classmates that I had were around my age which made it just a tad bit comfortable to be in class with. What I mean by that statement is that I am a shy person and I rarely talk but those two semester were cool and went by quick. As for the rest of the semesters, I began having classes with those who were fresh out of high school and that was harder for me


Classmates are amazing and will help each other through anything.


My classmates are involved, energetic, outgoing students.


Students at Lourdes University are vry nice and fun people. Everyone is there to learn and do what they love. The students that attend Lourdes aren't always your "typical" college age. There are students who are 18-80. Having older students there actually helps because sometimes they have experience in the field you plan to go into.


Most of the classmates keep to themselves; very quiet.


All of the classmates that I have met so far have been very diverse and friendly.


The population of Lourdes olklege is diverse and upbeat.


My classmates are selfless, knowledgable, caring, and well-rounded people.


Very friendly and helpful.


My classmates are very helpful as well as I. For example, if an emergency situation occur and a classmate has to miss the session, they can rely on the other to get the notes from the lecture for them. My classmates are reliable, educated, responsible, and very outgoing. We learn as well as have fun. We make learning fun...


My classmates are hard studiers and career-focused.


my classmates are real friendly and they are mostly non traditional students who put interest in their work just as i do


My classmates are explorers, learners, teachers, discoverers, caring, friendly, helpful, nice, considerate, conscientious , loving, professional, cheerful, thoughtful, funny, and warm.


I have a variety of classmates. Some people are 25 and older who are changing or advancing their careers. Some are high school students taking college courses while attending high school as well as students who are 18 to 25 Some students have learning disabilities and some have physical handicaps that bound them to wheel chairs. Also, there is a mixture of male and female students and students of different ethnicities. Lourdes is a melting pot of all types of people with different personalities, backgrounds, and life experiences.


Students eagered to be succesful in there education, to obtain a degree to become efficent in a career of there choice, to be succesful in life!


Most of my classmates are non-traditional students, but I find this school to be a lot like high school. The girls gossip and talk about others like were 17 again and most of us our in our late 20's to 30's if not older. I lot of cliques, I never experienced that at my community college and the age of the students there were a lot younger.


My classmates are fantastic, eager to learn, successful, hard-working, dedicated, probably a bit on the overachieving side, but this is definitely a plus in my mind, willing to help fellow students, honest, trustworthy, friendly, open to new and different ideas and ways of learning, studious, bright, intelligent, scholarly, quick to seek out higher education beyond an undergraduate degree, display a strong sense of comaraderie, loyal, emotionally and academic supportive to other students, helpful, quick to volunteer for events going on at the school and in the community, faithful to themselves and to others, active.


My classmates are really driven and strive to be the best they can be.


very friendly and helpful.


My classmates are smart, funny and realistic, looking to add to the value of their lives by completing an education that is hands on and helpful.