Lourdes University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is that it does not feel like a college. I think my high school was bigger than Lourdes.


Dual majoring as a Criminal Justice and Social Work major is challenging but I enjoy it and apply myself while also playing baseball at Lourdes University on a scholarship.


I can not find anything really wrong with the school it self. It happens to be a great school. It is up to the students to make the school a place they choose to achieve their life long goal or career path. Me personally I went to lourdes for a nursing degree because they have the best program around the city and nationally. So with that being said I have no real complaints about the school because it is up to the students to make the best of their education and to have a rewarding experience achieving their career path.


The worst thing about my school is that it is growning to much too fast. When I first started, it was a little school that just started sports teams. We didn't have sports before then. Now four years later we have at least ten sports teams. With that said, there is a big emphasis on sports now, and not just the academics.


Ido not consider my school a bad place to be, if you are someone who likes big lecture halls and a very big campus with a football team and many widely known sport teams, I consider that to be my school's biggest down fall. But because we are known for being a smaller campus with small class sizes and closer interactions with our professors then a student should be aware of that before they apply to the University. All in all, I think my school is a great place to achieve an education.


If I had anything bad to say about the college I am attending, I would, but I can't think of one bad thing about Lourdes University for the year that I have been here so far.


I have not started classes yet.


We are expanding too fast and most of our facilities are lacking. I was told my freshman year that a athletic facility was to be built and done by the beinging of the 2013 fall semster. They just broke ground in october


There are so many services available to students that it can be overwhelming. The best way to find out all of the services available and the location of the services is to ask other students and staff. Another great resource for finding out the information is to use the email account provided from the university.


lourdes College is trying to become a University, and I believe that may cause the quality of ther education experience to falter.


The worst thing about Lourdes is that it is kind of a small school, but just right in other ways. I love the small classes because it allows for more interaction with not only the instructors, but fellow classmates as well. On the downside of being such as small school, many student organiziations are up and coming or do not even make it off the ground because there aren't enough students interested.


The layout, because it was an all girls school prior to the college. So, learning all of the correct buildings is tricky.


I would say the worst thing about my Lourdes College is the tuition. I am starting as a freshman to study and recieve the bachelors of science degree with school being approx. 12k a year and am planned to graduate december 2014. I am on my own when it comes to paying for school and very worried about finishing and making my dream a reality due to the costs.


The school is rather small and therefore we do not have any sports teams. I would really enjoy the opportunity to play a college level sport.


Lourdes is agreat school. There is not much that is unacceptable in my opinion. If I had to choose something, however, it would be the class schedule. Certain classes which are necessary for graduation are only availble during one semester of the year. This makes it difficult to make a timely schedule for graduation. Most classes are set up this way so that a course of study can be chosen for the entire four years of attending school. It is only inconvenient on rare occassions when a student is transferring in.


Its not a 24 hour campus. Working puts a strain on time, and I need to use a computer lab sometimes at 11 oclock at night!


It is hard to find something bad to say about Lourdes College. If i had to say on thing, it would be the lack of a coffee shop! The college offers so much for the students to perform academically, it would be nice to be able to get a good cup of java while reading between classes.


In all honesty I do not think there is a bad thing about Lourdes College. All of the people there are nice, you get to know everybody, also at Lourdes you are not just a number to them. They all know you by name. So I really don't think that there is anything bad about it.




The worst thing about Lourdes College is the fact that there isn't student housing. There will be soon, but most colleges/universities offer a healthcare plan along with a health center for their students.


Class sizes are limited making it difficult to get into the class that you need and the time slot that fits with a work schedule. Currently there are not any summer classes available in the nursing major.


The worst thing about Lourdes College is that the Art History department is small. I would like to be involved in a bigger network of Art Historians, but it is mainly due to location.


That Lourdes is turning into a University atomosphere. Lourdes has so much history and is a small campus but now is trying to compete with other local universities and might change the overall appeal of the college.


I honestly don't think there is a worst thing about Lourdes, it is an amazing small school that focuses on the students.