Lourdes University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A very dedicated person should attend this school who is intersted in giving their all and contributing great things to the community.


People of all ages seeking a values based education on a small campus, with small intimate classrooms/classes. Historically Lourdes (when it was still a college) appealed to people like me: older, first time or returning students, working adults, and many divorced (or otherwise single) parents. Within the past decade or so, there has been a concerted effort to draw traditional aged students (particularly when the school became a university) with the addition of team sports, near-campus apartment-style student housing, among other amenities attractive to younger students.


I Would say Lourdes University is perfect students who enjoy small classes, a comfortable family esque setting away from the party heavy universities making up the rest of the major Ohio schools. Lourdes has a diverse student body both racially and age. Unfortunately the future for Lourdes seems to be headed towards athletics which I believe will change the dynamics of the school over the next several years.

Holly Lynn

Lourdes University was designed for the Non traditional student, and I still reccommend Lourdes University for the Non traditional student. Lourdes is very small and personable so if you are looking for a quality education in a small setting Lourdes Unversity is for you.


Any kind of person could attend this school.


Only someone who is willing to give their time and effort into their college degree. There is a lot of opportunities to be involved in positive clubs and organizations but not a lot of time for partying.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who does not like big lecture halls. A person who is looking for more of a one on one experience with professors who really care about your future. A prospective student of this school should be a community oriented person who is willing to give back and offer service to their fellow peers. A person who is wanting an education that really focuses on their future career and given all of the possible available resources to help them reach that goal. This is the type of person for Lourdes!


Anyone is welcome at Lourdes University, especially if you love small class and campus sizes.


A person who does not already have a degree


Someone who is open minded and ready to learn.


Anyone that is unemployed and has a high school diploma, or it's equivalent(GED). One that is serious about pursuing a life changing career. If an individual needs that one on one attention, or just does not want the larger class sizes this is the place to be. There are people from all walks of life that would love this school, the atmosphere and it's environment. I would not want to stereotype anyone; we welcome anybody that has a strong desire to succeed in this receeding economy that we are in today. All that hunger and thirst come.


Anyone can attend Lourdes College. The college has a very friendly and welcoming enviornment. They do not force their catholic views on any student and the staff is wonderful. I've really enjoyed my first college semester here and I do not plan on going anywhere else.


Any one who is looking for small classes and likes a community environment.


Someone who is interested in learning a vast amount of things in life should attend Lourdes College. Making friends for life and learning together are what Lourdes stives for. Students who are open to new experiences and who enjoy involvement are encouraged to apply. Lourdes has many sources of help for those in need and also is open to student organizations. They feel that every student should have the opportunity to express what they believe in without being judged.


I feel that Lourdes was a great school to attend as an undergraduate. The faculty is very receptive to their students and their needs. I feel the campus and faculty invite both traditional and nontraditional students. People focused on their education and applying themselves would have a successful learning experience at Lourdes.


The kind of person that should attend Lordes College is one who is ready to be open-minded and ready to work for their education.


Lourdes College is a great place for a variety of students. It is a small campus with a close knit community. The classes are small and the teachers are friendly and want you to succeed. It would be great for a new college student who does not want a large campus. I feel it is also good for the nontraditional students because of the small class size. There are also many resources available for the nontraditional student to allow them to succeed.


Lourdes College is a college for all people, of all ages, races, and religions. At 35 years old, I have felt at ease since my first day. Lourdes Collge is helpful to all students to ensure they attain their education. Due to free tutoring in all classes, any student can get the help they need. Another advantage Lourdes offers are free workshops in computers applications and other subjects that students need. Any person who may have a disability such a physical handicap or a person with learning disabilities such as A.D.D. can get help and assistance at Lourdes.


All kinds of people should attend this school. The diversity of the students make for interesting classes when it comes to discussions and group projects.


The person who wants to attend this school needs to have a strong ability to open their mind and allow it to be stretched. If they are able, they will have a fulfilling experience, both in the classroom and in their social life omn campus.


I feel any person that is ready to further their education should attend Lourdes College. Lourdes College has small college classes and your teachers have more of a focus on you here. Lourdes is flexible with your schedule and they provide a variety of classes. They also alot of tutorial services to help out with school work when you feel you need it. i would recommend this school to anyone who doesn't want to have the bigger crowd atmosphere.


A person that is attending Lourdes should be outgoing and friendly. Should be very focused on school and willing to learn knew things and except challenges. Lourdes students are very committed to helping others so a well rounded individual would be best suited for this type of college.


Anyone would be reccommended to go to Lourdes College. Coming from a small town and school the transition from highschool to college has been very easy.


A person that likes small places, maybe someone that came from a small community or a small high school. A person that learns better in a smaller environment. Most people transfer from bigger colleges because they can not stand the 100 + lecture rooms. Here at Lourdes the most people I have ever been in a class with was 40.


someone who strives on becoming a better person by improving their education and pushing for what they truly believe in. this person should be dedicated and ready to achieve their goals to the fullest. everyone deserves the oppurtunity for a better life.