Lourdes University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Lourdes Freshman Year Experience class ensures all incoming students get off to a great start and have every resource possible to succeed. Together as a group we attended bon fires, sporting events and a day of summer camp by the lake. We volunteered together to enhance the community surrounding campus and got to know our neighbors. This "FYE" class gave the students and professors the chance to get to know one another on a personal level and launch the year with energy and excitement.


I think the best thing about Lourdes is that everyone there is friendly and willing to help. I was a transfer student from Alb ion College, and I have not had nearly as many problems with Lourdes as Albion. When I need help, I know I can go to that department and they will be truthful and try to help the best they can.


The best thing about my school is how small it is. It is impossible not to run into someone you know. Every teacher knows the names of their students. It has a community feel that I value greatly.


The best thing about my school is the library. It is not too big but not small. It is really homey and has great atmostphere. Best place to go to, sit down and study. Everyone is always were helpful and nice.


It is small and helpful so you do better on all your work and can get help when needed. The apartments are also very nice.


Everyone is very friendly. If you are having trouble with anything in particular, there are always people to help. I never feel like I do not belong and I think that Lourdes is a strong community of people. The professors are very understanding and are easy to contact. They will go out of their way to answers questions and help you with your courses. Tutoring is free, academic coaching is free, academic advising is one on one, we get scholarship opportunities emailed to us, the food is amazingly delicious, and I have made several friends.


We have the Sisters of Saint Francis living on campus and they are extremely involved in our school and with the student life.


I find my professors to be the best thing about my school. They help me and encourage me to succeed in my career.


they are a catholic school that values community and helping others strive to be the best


The added assistance that can be obtained in the computer lab, with homework or computer questions.


The best thing about my school is how close everyone is to each other and how everyone helps each other in every way they can. The faculty and staff are always available when you need help and the students also help you if you don't know your way around very well, or just with anything you need. It's a pretty small school so everyone knows each other and everyone gets along great.


The best thing is the enviroment . The staff is caring and works with the students if life happens. The school is very family orientated.


The thing that I consider most valuable about Lourdes College is the small classes with teachers that know you personally and care about you. There is even free tutoring for students that need it.


The best ting about Lourdes college would be the education they offer.


When I was choosing a college to attend, there was one thing that stood out at Lourdes that nobody else had. That was small classes. I've never had more than thirty people in a class and this has benefited me very well. If your the kind of person who like the teacher to know you personally rather than just be a face in the crowd then Lourdes is a great fit. This allows teachers to work one-on-one with you, which can improve social skills for your professional future.


What I consider to be the best thing about my school is that each of the instructors I have had so far at Lourdes College are passionate about what they do and about the mission of Lourdes College. When I attend class I am infected with their passion and feel as if I am special to attend such a great and respectable school. I am also comforted by the constant support I recieve from my instructors. So, I must say the staff/instructors are the best thing about Lourdes.


The small classes and how each teacher knows their students by name.


Lourdes College differs from bigger schools because it offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs using small class sizes where it is possible to really learn.


The best thing about Lourdes College is the easy accessible classes and the small class sizes.


There are many advantages to attending Lourdes College, however the best is the small classes. At Lourdes College I don't feel like a number; I feel like my proffessors care about me and want to know me. It really pushes me to do better!


The beauty and serenity of the campus, the chapel, the helpful staff, and professors.


The best thing about Lourdes College is the friendly, family like atmosphere. With the small class sizes I know a lot of students and the teachers here and i feel i can ask anyone for help if I need it.


The best thing about my school is the small classes and the teacher recogization you get. Its odd to go to a school where teachers know your name in such a short semester and many of the teachers go on to recoginze you in the future as well. Lourdes is a very helpful school which makes it even easier to love. There is so many helpful things on the campus that can help you with graduation. I love the fact that my teachers are so educated and wanna see you suceed it means a lot.