Lyon College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to relax. I would say, "one of the best aspects of Lyon is its openness and community. All of your professors will want to help you so you had better to go talk to them about your grades and school work. I wasn't able to pull off all A's without studying as I had in high school. You need to focus on studying a little more and should not be afraid or too prideful to ask for help. I know you. I know you hate asking for help. But above all, learn what you love doing and explore yourself and have fun. College will be the most exciting time you have experienced since your birth 18 years ago. You, of course, will need to focus on school and it will be frustrating and difficult and very stressful, expecially around mid-terms and finals week. But it will work out wonderfully. Already one year has passed and it was way too quick, so just enjoy the time you have and make the best and most of it."


Dear High School Self, You have what it takes to succeed in college, RELAX. However, your people-pleasing habit has to go. You are very capable of doing whatever it is they want you to do, but you need time for you. Don't worry about what mom and dad, fellow students, or the faculty will think. They understand! You were not put on Earth to be Superwoman. Doing all those extra projects aren't really going to help you win any scholarships. Stick with what you are passionate about. Have time for yourself, and thank Mr. Sours for everything that he'll do for you. Remember that time management is very important, and your goal is pharmacy school. Biochemistry degrees are not achieved on desire alone. Love yourself, respect yourself, and be honest with yourself. You'll know what you need to do and when. Love, Christie


My college experience has been a very valuable part of my life because I was able to persue my dream of becoming a registered nurse. I have wanted to become a nurse since I was a child. I received a scholarship from a hospital to attend college and make that dream come true. I would like to persue a Bachelors degree is science to further my education and experience as a nurse. Nursing has taught me that there are many fields to practice in and my goal is to become a well rounded nurse. I would like to use my education in an environment where my experience will be of great value.


College has renewed my interest in life and given me a fervor for ambition. With out either of which I would be a counterproductive member of society. Not only do I see nothing less than success in my future, I also deplore the thought of less than such. I will do whatever is within my power to achieve this.


College is important on multiple levels. Most obviously, it is an academic foundation that sets the career course of the student. However, it goes beyond the degrees and other papers. Higher education institutions also teach a person how to be a community citizen. Also, it is place that gives one opportunities to be a leader, or member of something great. I have taken these views to my experience, and they have influence me to be both an active member of students organizations and avis studier. By realizing all these things are important, I have found the balance between social and academic duties that make a great student. In college, I am an active member of BCM, CCM, Habitat for Humanity, French Club, The International Student Organization and the LEAP outdoors program. However, I fulfill my role as student first. There has never been a time when I skipped, or even came in late to class. I learned in high school that it’s wisest to begin homework the day it is assigned, a value I’ve carried into college. It may be my first year, but I am determined to take the path of good choices in the beginning.


If I could go back and talk to myself when I was a senior in high school I would have a lot of advice. First, college life is amazing. You will make so many new friends. You are going to join a sorority, but make sure you keep on top of your bill. You are going to have money problems after you buy a car, so save up during the summer. Study hard! You will disappoint yourself a few times but your friends are going to be there for you. Make sure you talk to you family a couple of times a week because they are really going to miss you. You are going to make a few mistakes so just make sure you learn from them. Also, your professors are there all the time, so go talk to them. You will be amazed how helpful it will be. And one more thing, have fun, otherwise you will be miserable. Make sure you take time to just laugh.


From my education to my love life, I would enjoy going back in time and giving myself advice about college life. First of all, I would say college is simply not high school. It takes hours on end each day just to learn the information that was covered in class. As for tests, there is no such thing as only stuying the night before. If I want a high test grade, I need to at least start reviewing the information a week before. I would also tell myself not to get overly stressed over anything, it just makes matters worse. As far as paying for college, I wish I could make myself as a high school senior realize how much college costs. I can't hide behind my parents anymore, this is my education so I have to pay for it. When it comes to love, I wish I would have been able to tell myself that the majority high school couples don't last. It would have been easior to go to college without the stress of a long distance relationship. Most of all, I would tell myself to be responsible and have fun.


Go to a more prestigious undergraduate school if you want to get in to a good law school.


Get ready! Rid yourself of those old insecurities about people and classes! Barriers are going to be broken, so stop being afraid your going to be in that same rut that you were in all throughout high school. It doesn't exist anymore. You are going to make friends because the people you meet do really care. You are going to make the grades because you're not the only one aiming to see you succeed. Most importantly, because of all that I have mentioned previously, you are not going to be able to seclude yourself in your room so pack your clothes accordingly.