Maine College of Art Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Being a new student to Maine College of Art, I dont know much about it that is frusterating yet. I have only been a few times for visits and all have been amazing. I would say that it's a very big area and I need to find my way around a little better. And finacial processing is a little hard for me because I got confused very easy. I am headed on the right path though.


all the various majors have private studios and work areas. sharing a wood shop with others can be very Frustrating when other do not clean up after them selve or mis-treat and mis-use tools. and though there are many passionate people working and making art work it can be quite annoying when studio mates never seem to care about preforming well or interested in working. we work in a shared space and weather you like it or not you feed of the creative energy of your studio mates.