Marian University-Indianapolis Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I guess there's only three: the amount of degrees, parking and residential building. Marian is very general in the amount of degrees we have, and I wish we had more and more master degree programs. We need more parking for sure, shich is getting fixed soon. Marian is low on residentila buildings, but that too is being fixed by 2020, I assume and believe.


I think the worst thing is that it is getting a lot bigger. I liked the small school feel of it, which is disappearing.


At the moment, there is a lot of change going on at Marian College. There is some tension between growth and maintaining a small college feel. One of the most irritating things can be dealing with parking. As a commuter, I do need to plan some parking time into my schedule so that I'm not late to class. This year things have improved a bit.


The worst thing about the school is that since it is a small school and there aren't as many instructors, classes tend to fill up quickly and you don't always get your first pick on time or when you take the class.


To me the worst thing about the school is that as it grows, its becoming less commuter friendly. There is hardly enough parking for students and faculty/staff.


I believe the worst thing about Marian College is how they handle injured athletes. A trainer in particular will tell an athlete they are fine so that the school does not have to pay for x-rays and other expenses. I know many student-athletes that have had to have surgery and the school does not take care of the payments in a timely manner. I know over five athletes that has had collector agencies calling because our school has not taken care of the medical bills like they continually say they have.