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What should every freshman at Maricopa Skill Center know before they start?


Assume I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high scholl senior, what advice would I give myself? Well to tell you the truth I would have to go back to my freshman year and tell myself to stay in school no matter what and graduate. Dropping out as a freshman was my biggest mistake and if I could go back I would. As a result of not graduating high school I am settling for a G.E.D. and a certifacte from a community college, which I don't mind at all but now that I have grown up and look back I could have done so much more and gone further with my education. It is never to late so I have to start someplace and make the best of it. So I would have to say that not completing high school was my biggest mistake, but going back to school to become a Legal Administrative Assistant will be my greatest accomplishment so far and I am proud to say that because I am doing it . The advice I would give myself would be to never give up.