Marylhurst University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The food on campus is pretty expensive.


I love my school. The worse thing is that it doesn't have childcare available for students that need it.


Marylhurst is expensive.


The only draw back for me is the distance from my home in Vancouver, WA.


The biggest issue with Marylhurst University is its schedule of classes. Marylhurst is built around the needs of the adult learner, meaning that a great many classes are offered only in the evening. If you do not like night classes, and prefer to do all coarse work in person, then registration will prove to be a very stressful time. However, this shortcoming is more than compensated for by extraordinary academic advisors and a flexible joint-enrollment program.


The worst thing about the school, for me, is actually a lot like the worst thing about this survey. I'm a "mature learner" (twice as old, exactly, as the highest age you mention on this server) who is working on the degree as a distance learner. The survey really doesn't address many -- any? -- of those realities and it seems to me that Marylhurst, too, is less and less interested in older learners. The profs seem slowly to be becoming more literate in distance learning technology, but it has been a lot harder than I ever would have thought.


Their online class program (Angel) is not compatible with the newest version of IE. My Internet browser preference is IE and since I am using an incompatible version, I have been forced to access my online classes through Mozilla Firefox.


I would like longer office hours so I had an opportunity to get in there after work. However, all my needs have always been met, or exceeded.


I really can't answer this. I just started my school the winter 2010 term.


Marylhurst University has been around for many years and has evolved in different ways over the course of many years. Through this process they have reinvented the programs and sometimes during this process the university has experienced some "growing pains." There have been signifigant growth in my field of study and there has been some fluctuation in the faculty and staff that have been managing the program. During this time some staff have been added and some have been taken away. Communication has not been completely steady and this has contributed to some instability within the programs.


The cost.


The worst thing about Marylhurst University is its location, or perhaps mine. I live approximately 300 miles away from the university so that limits the number of choices in classes that I could chose each term as I am an on-line student. Of course I realize that is not an issue for the university, their location, it is more mine.


The worst thing about my school is the location. It has a gorgeous campus and beautiful facilities, but just like everything in the greater Portland area, it is difficult to access during times of high traffic. For economic reasons I live in the Vancouver, WA area. It would not be feasible for me to live near to school as it is located in a very well-to-do community. It seems a shame that a school catering to commuting students is so far removed from where the students can afford to live.