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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I can say for a fact that my college experience has been very unique and uncommon than an average college student's. I am currently 17 years old and enrolled as a student at San Jacinto College South living my "high school experience" on a college campus. I am in a duel-credit program at Clear Horizons Early College High School. In this program, the few students are planned to earn their Associates Degree at the same time as their High School Diploma. San Jacinto College South and living the life of a college student has given me a broader perpective in college education. Yes, the teachers are altruistic and willing to provide help, but unlike several high school teachers, they expect us as college students to take the initiative to ask for help. Simply, college is not like high school. There is no cushion, no aligned pathway; But, there is a greater necessity of independence. San Jacinto College South has provided me with an amiable and safe environment where I can become educated and adjusted for my next years at a four-year university.


I'll ask you a question, what don't you get out of a college expierence. College is valuable for everyone!