Meredith College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known about what credits transfer from community college to a 4-year college. It had been my biggest mistake since I have started attending Meredith. I have to start over even though I already have an associates degree.


I wish I would have had more resources to help pay for college.


I wish I had known how many programs I could be involved in. There are a lot of opportunities on campus and in Raleigh--you just have to know where to look!


I love Meredith College, but I wish I had known that not much happens on campus on the weekends. It is a good thing that Raleigh is a fun city to explore.


I wish I would have had more experience of what it is like going to an all girls college. It is not a bad thing, it is just a really different college experience then other people.


I wish I had known about the college environment and about the type of home work and assignments we were going to get in our class rooms. I would have also liked to know how expensive tuition is and what paths to take in order to help me pay for college.


I wish I had known that I could feel safe here--that college isn't like high school and that being in an urban community really opens up opportunities to have new experiences. I was so afraid that I would be the only uncertain person and that everyone else would know exactly who they are and what they wanted to do. As it turns out, everyone else feels exactly the same way. We're on the same road together and are grown up enough to work with one another.


The school really makes their students think and try new classes. Meredith's classes are not easy but in the end the student knows a lot and is ready for their careers.


I have learned several key things about college life that, in retrospect, I wish I had known before I embarked on the transition. Looking back, it was comforting to know that when I moved to college I was not alone. Everyone faced the same challenges. Secondly I learned that it is important to take advantage of every opportunity in college. Choosing a way to contribute and working to become a part of the campus community is important. Becoming a college student is a difficult experience, but if you come with and a positive attitude, the transition will be much easier.


Before choosing this school make sure you're willing to put up with all the restrictions and high expectations that this school has. This is an all girls private school and therefore there are boy, alcohol, smoking, and noise restrictions. The expectations at this school are high, they expect you to be prompt for class and to represent the school in a positive way 24/7.


That Meredith didnt have sororities.


I wish I had known what I was going to major in.. Then I could have applied to a school better suited.


I felt relatively prepared coming to Meredith.




The only thing I wish I had known before I came to this school was time management, it's taken me awhile to find time for education and a social life. I think that if students can find a happy medium between the two, Meredith College will do everything in its power to accomodate everything and anything they need.


I wish I had known education wasnt a major.


How academically challenging it really is.


Self motivation


What I wanted to major in.


How much fun it was going to be. A lot of people have a negative veiw of Meredith because it is a small all girls school, but if you like small classes and getting involved on campus it is the perfect place. Meredith sets you up for success and supports you in every step. There are so many resources avaliable to students. The location is also great with NC State right down the road and all the weekend life in Raleigh.