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Something unique about Mesa Community College was that it is a commuter school, since there are no dorms on campus for students to live alot of students drive their own vehicles to class. I always find it interesting though to see in class where all your classmates are driving from everyday to get to class, you really see the commitment in some students by the travel time that they take in order to come and learn on campus. Since no students live on campus there is an apartment complex across the street.


The best thing abou the school is the variety of classes and times for the classes offered. The location is very helpful especially for a single working father.


Its affordable and has technical programs that were highly spoken of by previous students.


What is unique about the school I am attending (Mesa Community College) is that the tuition is at an extremely lower rate than that of the university I was planning to attend (Arizona State University).


The staff and advisors take extra time to figure out what a student needs and how to help them be successful. While many colleges appeared rushed or apathetic towards a student's concerns, Mesa Community College truly does help find the best path for a student with enthusiasm.


What is so unique about my school compared to other schools i have considered is the people that sttend it. At MCC it is not just a bunch of young teens attending college but there is alot of older folks who have either come back to finish school or are just doing it to better their lifes. Eventhough MCC is smaller than most schools i have seen it is by far the most lively and energetic school i have been to.


Mesa Community College has a huge clock tower located in the center of the campus, I was already enrolled at Scottsdale Community College during the fall. MCC has proven to be twenty times better than SCC. The location is much more convenient, the teachers seem to be much more laid back although they still feel strongly about their positions. My schedule is much more flexible according to my job as well. MCC > SCC :)


Mesa Community College offers exceptional student success opportunities such as leadership camps, scholarship departments, newest class room and library technology, student tutoring center (free of charge!), and career center to help prepare me for life after graduation. I chose MCC because of its convenient location, its honorable reputation, and more intimate classroom sizes that allowed me to be known as an individual in the class room setting.


The reason I chose Mesa Community College is because it's really close to home, and plus I can transfer to any college I want that is close by, for example Arizona State University. Also, my school has a lot more class options than the other community colleges.


I actually attended an in-state university for a year before coming home and attending the commuinty college. I feel that being at a community college allows me the flexibility to go to school on my schedule, but it has several financial benefits that put it above universities on my list. I perfer Mesa Community College to the others in the area because of the programs they offer, and because they have 2 campuses to choose from: one is close to my home and the other close to my work. I can choose classes based on what works for me.


Mesa Community College allows me to work on my Nursing degree online and in the classroom. Since I am a mother of three young girls, this allows me to take classes that work for my schedule. If my school did not have both of these available to me, I would not be able to finally achieve my goal of being a college graduate.


What makes Mesa Community College unique is how comfortable the staff makes you and the confidence they give you really helps you to believe that you can achieve anything.


Mesa Community College is the largest community college in the United States. It has the largest number of students enrolled. It offers ground classes, hybrid classes, and all online classes. For the most part my teachers have been wonderful! The campus is extremely easy to get used to. I've lived in Mesa since I was 6 years old, so in my case, I know so many people that attend the school as well. Which makes this school very inviting and welcoming!


The unique thing about the school that I attend, is that it offers a wide variety of degrees for any type of person. It also offers many small classes so a student can get the one on one attention from their professor unlike a big lecture hall would have.


It was easy to speak to an advisor and find the people I needed to talk to when I first when to the school. The bookstore, advisor, financial aid were all close together and that made it so much easier to get things done.


I had never considered any other schools to go to other than a major university. I guess i always thought that Mesa would be my first stop so i looked more into mesa than looking into other schools.