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I honestly did not consider any other schools until my mom told me about Wittenberg just a few days ago. What's unique about MUM compared to Wittenberg is that, MUM is a regional campus, and a commuter college. Should one choose to, one can live on the Wittenberg Campus. But one thing about Wittenberg is that it is a Lutheran college. MUM has no specific religion.


The campus layout is unlike any other. We have a relaxing area to hang out with friends before and after classes. The library and computer center off many computers for school and personal use. We have various clubs and organizations for any kind of style or personality. There are also games in the library such as the famous Wii, avaibale anytime the library is open.


As a senior in high school, "college" was a dirty word for me. I was struggling with depression and I wanted badly to move out of my mother's house. On the day of my graduation, instead of walking across that stage with my class, I moved out. After two years, I realized how badly I craved learning again. Miami University was unique in that it offered a first-rate, large-scale university experience on several regional campuses. This is why I chose it, and not another community college. Community collges, I thought, were all I could afford.