Miami University-Middletown Top Questions

What should every freshman at Miami University-Middletown know before they start?


Dear Rachel, Rachel, girl, you should have gone to Monroe when you had the chance. Mister Aregood is going to further ruin your math skills. You are not going to be used to the amount of homework you are going to have in college. It is not as much as you thought, but it is more than you are used to. You will know no one at that campus. All of the students in each of your classes are going to treat you like you are an alien from another universe. And you are going to hate it. Though, I do have some advice. Try to make as many FEMALE friends, as soon as possible. Molly lied illogically. Haily complained. Kaitlin never saw you again. Though not a girl, JD will not text you after high school unless he is bored out of his freaking mind waiting for the bus to get back to Mason from Cincinnati State Middletown. Sincerely, Your Future Self


I truely wish I could go back in time and talk to myself. I would tell myself not to listen to the negativity of bitter people and go by my gut feelings. I would make sure that I understood that this is my life and I don't have to go to study something I have no passion in or go to a school just because its pretigious. I would tell myself that I should do what I really want to do and live my life for me but to take my time and think thorougly about what I truely want. In a nutshell I would tell myself to have faith IN myself.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that I will figure out what I want to be and to study hard and get the best grades I can. I would tell myself to enroll in Post-Secondary Education Options, which would have allowed me to take classes on a local college campus for high school and college credits, for free. I would have also said to save money for college while I worked because expenses are outrageous once you are in college. Last but not least, I would tell myself not to take a year off from school after I graduate high school because I would eventually decide to go to graduate school and taking a year off would put me behind in my studies.


Passion. Going back in time to direct my future path through college, that is the exact word that I would share with my younger self. Passion, hunger and determination are the things that will not only push you through college but lend you to help others during your college experience, increase your knowledge and find your path in adulthood. It seems simple to merely 'go' to college, but very little can account for the difference between attending out of obligation and attending because of determination. I would encourage my highschool-self to follow through on her intuition and set her own path. Take the time to travel, find out what your life means to you, follow your interests and passions and do not let anyone steer you away from your path. People who find passion in their work and passion in the attainment of knowledge are nearly always the ones who have gone on to do great things. Be passionate, work hard, don't let anyone steer you from the path that you have decided upon. The desire for knowledge creates itself from passion, college is that stepping stone, so go after it!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior a lot of things would change. College is not like high school when it comes to learning. I have taught a lot of things to myself, which is expected out of me. Therefore, with doing this, I have to have extremely good study habits. It would be a lot easier in college if I could have changed my study skills before arriving. Flashcards are majorly helpful, along with recording lectures. This is cliche, but the most important skill that I had to adjust to from high school, is to pay attention! It is so easy in high school to goof off and still get an A on a test. In college, if you talk in lecture for five minutes, you will be so behind that you may do poorly on an exam. This sounds crazy, I know, but I missed a lecture once and I stayed behind in that class for a while. So, my advice to high schoolers is to learn to pay attention now, that way it will not be a huge adjustment in college. Also, your study skills are important.


What i have gotten out of my college experience is a great eye opener to life. My parents, teachers, and relatives when i was younger like to tell me to stay a kid for as long as a possibly can. Since i have been in college I have made so many mistakes. I spent money on the wrong neccessities. I slacked off and got lazy my first semster and messed up my GPA. I am a loner at heart and since i have been in college i realize now how much I need my parents and their advice. College has been a wonderful transition into the real world and has truly shown me what life is about and the responsibilities that i will have to undergo my entire life. I would have crashed my life by now if i didnt have my college education to give me a crutch. College truly saved me from a situation that could have been catastrophic, without it i would not have the dreams that i have today.


If I could go back to high school and speak to myself, I would tell myself to study more before tests and quizzes. I would remind myself to stay focused and on task, to make things easier. Lastly, I would hammer into myself to plan my schedule better and find out what exactly I am interested in. Studying habits change drastically from high school to college. I would tell myself to acquire better study habits, studying more often than the night before tests and quizzes. Gaining good study habits is a definite need in college. Next, I would remind myself to remain focused. With the cost of classes, various activities, and various distractions, it is easy to forget what is important about college. I would have ?staying on task? as a constant reminder. Lastly, I would hammer into my brain to plan out everything. Making time to study, going to work after class, and making personal time all fit into my schedule is a great way to execute my life. I would also remind myself to really think about exactly what I want to do in life and find my true interests before starting college.


As a high school senior, I was suffering with depression, which was undiagnosed. I missed 72 days of school that year, regrettably. I look back at that time now and only wish I could have had someone who noticed to pull me from those shadows. If I could go back, I would knock tentatively on the bedroom door belonging to my younger self. Upen crossing that threshold of time, three years ago, I would look myself in my eyes and tell myself that I would come to regret missing school, and regret not getting help and talking to a counselor about the bleak feelings which I experienced daily. I would hug myself and kiss my own forehead and tell myself that one day, I would feel better. One day, I would have the control I so desperately felt was lost, and for good. I would tell myself not to miss another day fo class, and to pay attention, for goodness sake! I know I would have listened. If there only was a guiding voice for me, I would not have wasted these last few years.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not be nervous about making the transition to college. I would also tell myself that it is important to stay on top of the school work and take every class seriously, even if it is just a general education class that all incoming freshmen have to take. Some other important advice is to make connections at school; with your peers, professors, and advisors. Don't be afraid to speak up and ask for help when you need it. Those are the people who are going to help you most when you enter the college world. Take advantage of all the different financial aid opportunities that arise; and if you qualify, apply for them. I wish I had the chance to speak to my future self, just to see how I could make the best of my whole college experience.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition I would tell myself not to wait, start school as soon as you can. If you wait until after you've had kids, are working and are in your thirties it will be so much harder. It can be done but why make it harder than you have too. Just start now, stay motivated, follow your dreams and you will be fine.