Middlesex County College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew better study habits. Until I met Professor Gardner, my study habits were lackluster. After meeting her, and getting thoroughly involved with her class, my study habits had completely changed for the better.


One major thing i wish i had known before i attended Middlesex County College is that one has to be certain where one wants to transfer to after graduating from Middlesex. The reason is because if one does not know where one wants to transfer to, one is going to end up taking the wrong classes. If one takes the wrong classes one is going to end up staying in the College for a while for more than two years. So one always has to be a hundred percent sure so as to not waste time and money.


Before coming to Middlesex County College I wish I could have known which courses I needed to take which correspond to my undergraduate degree; also I wish I had known more about the NJ Transfer website. When I first registered, I did so with the help of an advisor who signed me up for a few classes which I recently learned are not transferrable. At that time I wish there was someone to tell me not to take such classes.