Milwaukee School of Engineering Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone that is dedicated to what they want to do with the rest of their life. It is a tough school but it pays off becasue of the great job placement. You need to be goal oriented and a hard worker


Only intelligent, dedicated, and driven individuals should attend MSOE. The coursework is hard and the workload is very heavy, so you need to be exceptionally driven to succeed here. But in the end the payoff is spectacular and well worth the effort you put in.


If you attend this school, you have to understand that you will be focused on homework and school more than anything. Many times I will put in 10 hours to finish my homework and get a week ahead, only to get another 10 hours of homework the next day. You must be persistant and cannot give up if you don't understand something the first time through. You have to study, and review and lookover all the material. The school works on a trimester system with 10 weeks for each quarter, in which you must cover 16 weeks of material.


MSOE has the notorious reputation of being what many outside of engineering circles might nonchalantly dub a "tough school." But for those who walk its halls and fill its classrooms, this characteristic of "toughness" manifests itself in the constant struggle for supremacy that leaves more than a few packing their bags. It is this series of seemingly impossible hurdles that must be faced; therefore, the key ingredient for a successful MSOE student must be motivation. Motivation is what fuels perseverence and what drives success. With enough motivation, a mere student can achieve any goal or dream, even becoming an engineer.


The type of person who should attend this school is that of a dedicated student that loves what they do. This school's curriculum is very demanding and not something that one can simply slide by. The students at this school should be dedicated in order to finish the workload required to pass. Additionally, the students should love what they do. This is because the majority of the work at the Milwaukee School of Engineering is hands on and take many hours of expirimenting and troubleshooting. Without a passion for their work, it would make the journey much more dificult.


People who should attend this school are people who intend to get somewhere in life. If you are not affraid to challenge yourself then this is the school for you. MSOE is a school made of people who are ready to do whatever it takes to get where they want to in life. While it may take a lot of work it can be extremely fun if done right and will place you higher in the work place than any other schools like it.


You should attend this school if you have a strong work ethic. There is not a strong emphasis on "social life" or partying here; most people don't have time for that. There are a limited number of majors, so if you aren't sure about your major, you'll probably have to transfer schools.


The student that should attend this school should like video games and enjoy doing homework.


In order to succeed at Milwaukee School of Engineering a students needs to be very motivated. The school focuses as much on building a strong work ethic as it does on ecucation, which means you have to work very hard to earn your grades. Without the desire to learn and strong orginizational and time management skills a student could find himself struggling to keep up with his work. Anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort required at Milwaukee School of Engineering can be successful and will likely be pleased with what the school has to offer.


Any student that really wants to learn and does not mind to work hard in order to achieve great things.


This is a school for a very motivated individual, this isn't a party school, and classes are not easy. There is tremendous support from the staff and fellow students, but you have to driven to ask for help and to put in the extra effort to succeed.


A focused, hard-working individual. One that likes to have fun, but manages time.


A person who is career driven and knows exactly what they want in the future. You must be dedicated to your studies and want to succeed.


Hardworking, dedicated, addiction-free, strong-willed people. Know your sciences or be willing to learn. Be able to entertain yourself here.


top in their high school class, excelling in math and science related courses


A very focused person with less expectancy on a big university life and more focused on career path.


Anyone who has a strong drive and determination to start whatever they finish. The help to pass the courses required here is plentiful, so anyone who is struggling will graduate if they do not give up and ask for the help. Even if you do have the determination to graduate, you also need to adapt to the downtown urban setting (if you didn't grow up in a city). It is quite different from attending a public state school with a large campus, but has its own advantages and can be just as, if not more, enjoyable college experience.