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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would absolutely tell myself to start taking things seriously, sooner. I didn't take high school very seriously, which I generalized with education in general. I joined the military when I was only 17, and after the military kicked my butt into shape, I realized I have so much more potential than I had realized. I could be farther than I am now. We only have a limited amount of years to live our lives, and when we are young, and energetic, it's better to get started earlier, than to wait until you are older and less active and energetic. When you are old, it's more difficult to be physically active, and cognitively challenging yourself. It's good to get school done, while you are young, energetic, and more impressionable, while your cup of knowledge isn't so full. I would tell myself to take education seriously earlier, and to have the end goal in mind. I wish to live an easier life, when it's harder to do the things I can do today, and maybe someday I can be the expert, and teach what I have learned to those young impressionable people of the future.