Mississippi College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


MC's faculty. They seem to really care about the students success in school.


There are three things that I talk about when I describe my campus to my friends; those are the small size of the classes, the intensity of the classes, and the high percentage of MC graduates that are admitted into medical school. The class sizes are never larger than 30 students per classroom. The small class sizes allow professors help individual students who are having difficulty in the class understand the material. This is good because the classes are tough however, if a student is determined to excel then they will have no problem getting into medical school.


I think I brag the most about the fact that MC was the first coeducational university to grant a degree to a woman, our high acceptance rate to medical school, and that we have one of the best aquatic programs in the nation.


How great of a community we have on campus... Of course, there are cliques. However, the vast majority of people extend beyond the norms.


the school is in a cute historical-classic town. It's surrounded by downtown hangouts and only 30 minutes away from the metropolis. the school has a great student-teacher ratio. The people both staff and student body are all very welcoming and the campus is beautiful.


I brag about the Baptist Student Union and the Intermural sports team and my friends. Campus life is fun when you live next to your friends and get to fun stuff with them all week. It is a small close campus that allows you to know where everything is.


Mississippi College is an awesome place to grow spiritually because it has several other strong Christians but is also very diverse. It is a perfect size to meet people because you will see the same people around campus yet it is large enough where you are always meeting new people, and you grow really close to others in the dorm. It is a place where you can have tremendous amounts fun, yet everything doesn't revolve around alcohol like most large universities. The classroom size is very small and personable and it makes for a great learning environment.


The family atmosphere at Mississippi College, and playing varsity football.


The size of the school is just right to where you know most everyone but you can also be alone. The academics at mc are amazing especially for biology pre-med programs.