Mississippi College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is looking for an integration of faith and learning. Someone who desires a good education surrounded by a Christian worldview. Those who are looking for genuine friendships instead of merely acquaintances.


Friendly, Hard worker,


Focused student looking to prepare for the future. Involved in school and conmmunity servicve. Fun-loving, enjoying small group atmosphere.


Mississippi College is a school that accepts anyone even if they aren't Christians, so anyone willing to work should attend.


If you are a Christian and interested in a Christian enviornment, where you are constantly getting pulled closer to GOD you sould most definately consider going here. This shcool is located in a nice area, very friendly, not to small not too big, about 20 miles out from the city, but has places to eat,shop and have fun outside of school.


Anyone close to God, that likes small classes, and does not party much.


Someone who wants to earn a great education in a small, friendly environment. Someone who has a passion for what they are majoring in and is very determined to do their best in all they will do and keep God first!


Some one who likes to be in a close-knit community. A person that has strong christian values and morals. Also someone who can afford it.


A super Christian who wants to study all the time and not have any fun.


Any person can attend. If the person is very spiritual and loves the Christian environment a whole bunch, then MC is the school for them.


A person who has a desire to succeed. You have to be a hard worker because the classes are tough. You have to be a well rounded and open person because there is a diversity of attitudes and perspectives at this college. People at this college are from all over the United States and other countries so you have to open to different cultures.


A person who is kind and a person who is intelligent.


The vast majority of students here come from a conservative, Christian upbringing. If you're looking for a campus founded on the principles of the Southern Baptist faith, this will be a good fit for you. You will receive a great education from a Christian perspective, with very high graduate school acceptance rates. Academics are rigorous, but there are plentiful opporunities to make your graduate school application competitive. Here you will find lifelong friends and fellow members of the Christian faith to learn with and fellowship with for the next 4 years, the best years of your life.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be willing to learn, and make friends, because you do both at this school!


The kind who enjoys a strongly conservative, pseudo-christian environment, and a very competitive and demanding course load.


The type of person looking to attend this school should be looking for a small class size, no alcohol, tough school work, and a strond christian enviroment.