Mississippi University for Women Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I live in the next town instead of around campus. It is really hard to get as involved as the people who live on campus because I have to commute.


It is a very old campus and some of the buildings are from the civil-war era. Unfortuneately, becuase theyre so old, some of them have been condemned and renovation is either on hold or is taking way too long to be completed. It's ashame because some of the older buildings are absolutely beautiful.


I do not like the fact that the schools cafeteria is lacking in the amount of options I hear my friends at other bigger colleges telling me thir cafeteria does have. I also wish we had more sports types of events on campus. There are no school sports teams and the recreational center does not always have things that I enjoy to do. They also plan their events at times that don't work into my schedule which means I don't get to attend some of the few events taht they do have on campus.