Missouri University of Science and Technology Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about S&T are the tests given by some professors, which do not cover material learned in class or make the test questions much harder than what was taught.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the hidden fees associated with attending Missouri University of Science and Technology, although all schools probably have the same fees. I'm at a point where, if I don't come up with $2000, I won't be able to attend school here next semester. Hopefully I can, and, if I win this scholarship, it will help me overcome the challenges of paying for school.


Some of the campus community seems to emphasize alcohol consumption and activities which I prefer not to be a part of. There are plenty of people who do not participate, and it is not present everywhere, but it is definitely and clearly present.


The work load is bit frustrating to keep up with. The school has high expectations for the students and hope to see them achieve.


Don't ever think that in coming to this school if you were the smartest in high school that it will be the same here. There will be people smarter than you. Also they never curve grades. and you don;t ever get to use a calculator in math class.


One of the most frustrating things about this school is how boring the weekends can be. Also, some classes are tedious for no reason and require students to do a lot of extra work that don't help with learning the material.


Very small. Not much to do. Boring.


It is a very tough school, even though it is only a state school, and people who did not go here, or work in the engineering field, do not understand how hard the type of material that we are learning is. For example, one of the required classes that we take for engineering is Calculus 22 and the seems to pride in himself that forty percent of the people taking the class will either fail or drop the class.


MST has a lot of foreign teachers, so sometimes understanding them is difficult.


How hard some of the classes are. you learn a lot but you have to know how to study and how to retain it,


The course work is very demanding, both mentally and time, but in the end it is worth every minute based on the job offers and the recognition a degree from this institution recieves.


The most frustrating thing can be dealing with teachers sometimes. Every so often I have gotten a teacher that I don't understand because of their accent or their way of teaching isn't very effective so it makes the class harder than it should be.


The classes are hard. Sometimes you feel as if you want to rip your hair out because you don't think you can handle the class. This school has high expectations and a person can feel as if they aren't making it up to the standard. The town is very small so you have to find a way to have fun. You have to seek it out rather than the fun come to you.


It's HARD. The math department sucks. Sometimes the teachers are just too smart for their own good.


The most frustrating thing about Missouir S&T is that the school does not take enough steps to counter the public perseption as a typical engineering school.


The math requirements.


The most frustrating thing about my school is balancing the coursework with social life. You have to find organizations that will accent your resume while also providing you with friends. Do homework with friends in order to get what you have to done. Don't kill yourself staying up late to finish all of your work after hanging out with friends. Also, be aware that you cannot get out of a housing contract midyear without a major life change (like graduation).


The school tries way too hard to be new and hip, and ready for the "future". But they are loosing focus on the here and now. Our school is an engineering school and they need to get a hit in the head and realize this and stop trying to "deversify" the school, because they are loosing the very students that would have gone here. They have actually gotten so bad and this new age crap that they are discriminting against there best students.


If you don't immediately find your social niche at Missouri S&T, you might get a bit lonely if you are extroverted. Don't be afriad to go greek if that is the case.


There is a horrible Girl to guy ratio and the pressure to do good is very high.


There are no historically black sorerities.


The level of the coursework is extremely hard, and sometimes the teachers have a thick accent which makes it even tougher to learn.