Mohawk Valley Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


There are small class sizes, many opportunities; and all the buildings are centrally located. The dorms are convenient, access to the buses, and low costing.


I tell them that I am saving about 35 thousand dollars a year and will be just as eligible for the professional phase of the Doctor of Pharmacy program as someone attending a four year university or Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences ( the school i want to attend ). That really catches their attention and they certainly find out if they can do the same thing I am doing, with the program or major they want to persue.


I am not a braggart, however, I might point out that the school that I attend has a good flow of humanity that seems to associate well together and stimulate a fellowship of ideals and passions.


I don't brag but the reason that i chose to go to mohawk vally rome branch is that it is close. Plus its much more affordable for me.