Mount Aloysius College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The school is very nice looking, eveyrone here is very nice to everyone, also the professors are very nice and are welcome to help you if your stuggling in their class.


When I was touring the school with my family during freshman orientation, my father made a comment that the main building of Mount Aloysius, built in 1897 by the Sisters of Mercy, looked a lot like Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series. The main building is littered with gorgeous religious statuettes and artwork. Other buildings were built in the 1960's and more recently in the past 15 years. The campus is relatively small - it only takes 5 minutes or so to walk the length of it - and close knit. New infrastructure improvements happen each year. There's always something new popping up, mixing with the beauty and history of the older buildings!


Mount Aloysius College is a small campus sitting on "Cresson Mountain", located between Ebensburg and Altoona, PA. Our campus is all in one setting, off to the side of Old 22. There are no roads to cross, and the whole campus can be toured in about an hour in a clockwise circle. It is very convenient for getting to classes quickly! Many of our buildings are very old, made of pretty red brick or stone. Our campus is surrounded by trees and hills, which can be seen from the library second floor window, a beautiful view! Its a very welcoming campus.


Rather modern, except the main bulding with the chapel. relatively small. Lots of red brick.


My school looks like Hogwarts. The first building you see when coming into campus is really old and looks like a castle. Most of the other buildings look more modern though and resemble a typical college campus.


The school is very beautiful and has beautiful architecture.


The college i attend is one of the best there is in pennsylvania.


Great For Most People, Just Not Me.


Mount Aloysius College is a small Catholic college on the mountain top of Cresson summit, it has its highs and lows - but like everything, it will be the best experience or the worst experience of your life depending on how you choose to look at it.


It is small and not much happens. It can be very boring. A lot of students who aren't in the medical field are into drugs and I think that should be stopped.


The Mount is a quit serine place. It is very career oriented with small class sizes which pushe you to do well. There is not a whole lot of social life around, but i offers a good enviornment to learn and se successful.


My school is awesome.


Small and personal, family


Mt Aloysius was a turning point in my later-in-life- career change even though it strectched me and challenged me it gave me confidence to go on to graduate school.


Boring, expensive and tough classes.