Mount Aloysius College Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


There are a number of dorms to choose from on campus. Each is a very nice place to stay during the school year. Even our dorms that are considered the "worst" to live in, are much nicer than many of the bigger universities nicest dorms! No matter which dorm you decide to live in at the Mount, you are sure to make a ton of friends! Living in the dorms is a great experience for college students.


It's important to get that college dorm experience your freshman year. The Mount offers a variety of dorms to residents, however space is very limited! I live in a single room in a dorm located in the main building. A couple of our other dorms have 2 person rooms with shared bathrooms, and one dorm is an apartment suite style living space with 2 bedrooms and 4 people sharing a bathroom, common living space and kitchenette. The Mount can house around 500 students, and the rest of the 2,000 students commute.


The dorms here are typical. The freshman dorms are in the worst shape, but the school is trying to fix that, and the junior/senior dorms are the nicest. It gives you an incentive to do well and continue up the ranks as a college student, but either way, the freshman dorms really aren't that bad. My freshman year, everybody left their doors open so when people walked by you could say hi. It helped to make even more friends.


One all girls with community bathrooms,called Saint Joe's. Saint Gert's is the single occupancy room part connected to saint Joe's. Then there is the freshman dorm, Ihmsen, which has semi-private bathrooms. McAuley is the primarily sophomore dorm, that is the same set up as Ihmsen, only newer and bigger. Misciagna Hall is suite style with a bathroom a kitchen area, loungue area and two bedrooms, primarily senior dorm. It's newer and very nice.


The typical dorm, but generally there are private bathrooms(share with three others) rather than community style.