Mount Aloysius College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I am a Criminology student here at Mount Aloysius College. I love the program I have chosen and the school I chose as well. Mount Aloysius has one of the top Criminology programs in the state of Pennsylvania. When people hear i go to the Mount, they are impressed; as Mount has a good reputation with obtaining careers after college, creating highly qualified employees in a number of fields, and giving back to the community through volunteering. I feel the best thing about this school is the small class size, which allows the professors to focus on the student more. Some say it is too small here, not diverse enough, Some also say the small community makes them feel like they have not left high school, that could be good to some and bad to others. I spend most of my time in my room reading and studying. There is a lot of school pride here, with our sports and even theatrical entertainment. The most frequent thing students complain about is probably the food, there is not a lot of choices and the food quality is not that good; which is what the restaurants in our area are for.


I love this school and am very happy to be a student here. It feels like a family community where everyone knows each other. Everyone is very friendly and the professors are very accommodating. We are a small school in central Pennsylvania in a quite area of town. We basically make up the town when we are in session. A lot of people have heard of our college and regard it highly for it's academics. I will always remember the time i spent at Mount Aloysius College, and will cherish these memories forever.


Overall I enjoy this school. The professors take a lot of time with their students because they want to see them succeed. The best thing about this school is the close knit community that has been formed here. However, many of the students here are commuters or live close enough to the campus that they can go home each weekend. Living almost three hours away from campus makes it hard for me to go home each weekend so at times I feel myself being bored or having little to do on those days. The only thing I would change about this school is the amount of activities on weekends and the amount of people that attend them. I do sense a school spirit but not everyone is willing to get involved.


The overall opinion is the good and the bad. On the one hand this is a great educational school in which the degrees are highly respected and the classes are challenging and engaging. Mount Aloysius is the perfect size because the class size has the highest potential for learning since they are so small and the professors are always open to help the student succeed. The close knit size is perfect for getting involved and becoming active on the campus. A student is not just a number in a sea of people, but an individual who can make a difference in a small school. The negatives are that with the small school there is not as many activities readily available because the funds, as well as the amount of interest are not high enough. Another negative is that the school food could be better and after awhile it gets old of eating the same meal day after day. There are not a lot of options for food and if you miss a meal you lose that money.


As an upper classman, I have had the opportunity to watch the campus grow over the last several years that I have been here. The school has really allowed it's students to have a say in what they want to see on campus. The student body has really become more involved because of this privilege. There are plenty of activities on campus. There is something to attend or be involved in every day. On a separate note, I have come to appreciate my professors and the relationships that I have built with them. I know that if I ever need help I can go to my professors, and they will give me the help I need. I really like my college and would recommend it. If you're looking for a college that really cares about you, this is the place to be.


Mount Aloysius is a little college tucked away in the hills. The setting is beautiful, and although the town of Cresson is small, it has everything you would need and quite a few things to keep everyone occupied. I love that the college isn't spread out everywhere. It's easy to get to your classes, and you don't have to cross roads to walk from building to building. Our school is very dedicated to making sure every student gets a well-rounded education. The professors are all very friendly, and willing to help any student who needs it. The class sizes are small, making learning easier. Although the student body isn't as big as other colleges, we keep up with them in school pride. There are always things to do on campus for anyone; events are well-attended, sports are all supported, and almost everyone on campus will pass you with a smile :). It's little things like that which make it a pleasure to be a student at MAC.


The small environment is wonderful, and the staff and students here are very friendly. The small class size allows you to get to know the professors, and they know you on a first name basis as well. When you attend sporting events on campus, you'll know many of the players from around campus. There ar many oppurtunities around campus to get involved in clubs and other forms of volunteer work. The staff are always willng to help with any problems or questions.


Mount Aloysius College is a just a great, tight knit community. Basically everyone knows everyone else and it is easy to connect with others here. Class sizes are small and direct contact with professors is easy! Everyone is kind and willing to help so that you are able to succeed.


When you come to Mount Alyosius College, you are coming for school, not for partying and craziness everynight of the week. I am a nursing student so I love that a lot of the students respect quiet hours which start at 10pm on weekdays and midnight on weekends. However, I am not a fan of the fact that there is not transportant continuously available to students. All thoses in majors that require students to be off campus require students to get there themselves either via car pool or drive themselves. Freshman are allowed to have cars on campus (only $25 a year!) which is nice because the "social" life on weekends cannot be easily found in Cresson. Overall, I am happy with my choice in school because I can focus on the classroom during the week and a nursing program that is well respected throughtout the state, and then hop in my car on the weekend and drive to Penn State or IUP to visit some friends.


The best thing about Mount Aloysius College are the small class sizes. You really get to know your professors and they take the tim to get to know you, too. One thing I would change about Mount Aloysius would be the meal plan. I would prefer it to be unlimited rather than just three meals a day during the week and two meals on weekends. Mount Aloysius is on the smaller side, but growing larger every year. It is the perfect size for me. I spend most of my time hanging out in the dorms, whether it is in my room or a friend's room. Mount Aloysius is in the middle of nowhere, and it isn't located in a college town. However, Altoona is only 20 minutes away and there are a lot of restaurants and stores there. I would say that everybody has a lot of Mountie spirit here, and sporting events are big here on campus. There will always be a few students that complain, and the biggest complaint is that campus is very quiet on the weekends because a lot of people go home.


Overall I would say this school is a very good school. It is small enough that there are professors there to help most studnts at any time. People are very helpful when you need them, and they are not overbearing during times you do not need them. The only downfall to the college is the location, but that is also a plus in another sense. It is locate in a small town with not much to do, but it is a beautiful place to stay. All you have to do is drive about fifteen minutes down the road to get anything you need.


Mount Aloysius is a small campus. People think of this school as a highly rated college for academics. Our school spirit is not as high as larger schools, yet we are only a Division III college. The town of Cresson, is where the college is located. It is a small family oriented town. By no means would I classify it as a college town. The scenic views are quite peaceful. One experience that I will always remember is the friends I made through playing women's soccer here. Playing a sport and always praising God is something that has been instilled in me.


I like that we have a small campus and small class sizes. In class teachers know you by name and take a genuine interest in your success. At a larger school I feel that students are simply a number. I have found the faculty and staff to be very helpful and always available for help when needed. When not in class or studying I spend the majority of my time at the gym or at the baseball field. As of right now the only thing I would change is the weight room because it is older and the equipment frequently breaks. However, our school is in the process of building a state of the art gymnasium I'm just not sure when it is going to be completed.


My opinion of this school is that it is a very tight knit community. The Mount Aloysius College campus small and welcoming with class ratios roughly 14 students to one teacher. The faculty and staff make students feel like that are right at home, and they help students with any problem that may arrise. The college is constantly growing with new plans to build athletic buildings and all new activities on campus to engage in. Cresson is a very small town in PA, so it's very quiet and secluded.


I think the best thing bout th school is the staff. They re really nice nd are willing to help you and get to know you. When I tell people that I go to this school they don't really know a lot about it so it's nice to tell people. Cresson isn't really a college town it's a small community that has a lot of resturants around, but Altoona isn't far if you want to go to th mall and hang out. I think a lot of the students here complain most about the food personally i don't mind it. Theres a kitchen on my floor so I can heat something up if i don't like what we're having an theres alos many gret places to eat in town.


It's a small campus and you can get to either side of campus in a 5 minute walk. The calsses are small and the Faculty are excellent with all the students. I spend most of my time in my dorm room but we have many on campus events. Usually in Cosgrave there are new and old movies showenand there ar dances almost every month! There is about 50/50 school pride some people look at the school as just a way to get a career and others really care that this was their first choice college and really love this place.


I really like it here at the Mount. Most people are really friendly and the professors truly care about you and want to see you succeed. Not only do they want to see this in academics, but they come to the athletic events or events put on by the different clubs. They take a general interest in their students in more than just the classroom.


My overall opinion of Mount Aloysius College is it is a great school with a very small tight knit atmosphere unlike any other school you could attend. Everybody knows your name at Mount Aloysius you are not going to get lost in the shuffle as a student.


Mount Aloysius has a small town atomosphere with big ambitions. I love that the school instills th Mercy values in every class and activity on campus. Despite this being a Catholic Mrcy College, every religion is accepted here, even if you are not religious at all. Overall, it's a great place with warm, welcoming people!


The best thing about the school is how small the campus is and how much help is offered here. In coming to this school people knew that it was a really good campus and a great place to go to school. I spen most of my time in the lounge in my dorm hanging out with the others girls I live with. The school's administration is great, and they always know what to tell you. There is a lot of school pride especially when it comes to the sports teams. The tight knit community and the closeness of the students. The most frequent complaint is the parking for students.