Mount Aloysius College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I have met a lot of people since I became a college student here at Mount Aloysius College and I believe that there really isn't one specific kind of person here. There is a large variety of people here and I would encourage anyone to go here if they are looking for a school with a small campus and small class sizes.


Mount Aloysius has students from the age of 18 to 65 or older. It is a very diverse school that focuses on commuters as well as residents. It is a comfortable atmosphere at the college, very laid back and quiet. You will not here of too many wild parties or crime on the campus either. It is a Catholic school, however religion is not forced down your throat all the time. I would say that any student would fit into the Mount Aloysius College campus, just do not come if you are planning on partying every weekend.


Mount Aloysius is the type of school that anybody can attend. It is a small school with small class sizes. There is handicap accessablilty all over the campus. It is a great school to attend!


I think any person could attend this college. I believe that anyon who wants to be challenged will do well.


Mount Aloyius is a great school for students who like the one on one attention provided by high school. Because the class sizes are so small, your teacher will know your name and how you're doing in their class. If someone has been home school, and would like to attend college, I think this is a great step as opposed to going to a huge university. If you aren't very interested in sports, than this is also a great school. We have great sports team, but it's not what the school is all about.


Someone that wants to focus on school. Also someone that will enjoy the country and a cold winter. It is a good nursing school and it offers sign language major.


A person who all they do is study.


People who like small town, small classrooms and availablity of professors. Serious about their studies but if you are unsure you can be assured that there are sdvisors to help yu find your way.


This school would be good for any type of person.