Mt Hood Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I believe that the only thing bad about Mount Hood Community College is the lack of hounsing inside the campus. Although most of the students live near the campus, there is a little percent of students (like me) who live some what far from the campus. Mt Hood Community College posses the perfect room to create appartments located inside the campus.


The lack of guidance for people that are undecided. The general advisors seem to think of themselves as employees of system then a guide through school.


I think the worst thing about my school is that they allow the older people to bring backpacks on wheels. That is a joke. I really can't find anything wrong with my school since they have banned smoking.


I would say that the worst thing about my school is the fact that its smaller. I think this is the worst thing because you often feel like you are back in high school due to the little cliques and drama that is involved with smaller schools.


The only bad thing I can think of about Mt. Hood Community College is the fact that they don't have many clubs or organizations that promote meeting new people, who aren't part of certain majors and just want to make friends. Many of the clubs are major based, mostly in health fields, but one of the problems I face is meeting new people and establishing friendly connections. It would just be nice if there were some more specific clubs or events for that to happen.