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Nassau Community College

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What kind of person should attend this school?

Thats the best part; the campus at Nassau is the most diverse I've ever seen. Students of every age, nationality and background attend Nassau Community College. This school is for everyone, if your looking to find your passion this is the place to start. The degree programs are as diverse as the students. You can study everything from agriculture to zoology to culinary arts to computer science to sound recording technology, the opportunities are endless. And taught by some of the most acclaimed professors in the country. My psychology professor is speaking at a symposium in Germany this week.

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This school is good for students who need additional help with the basics, (math and writing, reading compensation) They have an excellent basic education program that will assit them before taking college level classes. It is also a good school for students who are unsure of a major.

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The type of person whohould attend this school is someone who wants to learn.

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