Nassau Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Known for the Suny system.


Nassau Community College is known for its affordable tution and its wide range of different majors. The college really lets you study in different majors so that if you are undecided on what career you want to do you can take your time and discover what you really enjoy doing. I had no idea what i wanted to major in so i went to Nassau and for a low price they really helped me decide.


Nasaau Community College is best known for their academics and football program. At Nassau Community College you can strive to enhance your academic studies. At Nassau Comminity College they offer a variety of majors for you to select from. The professors at Nassau are very understanding and will work with you if you are having trouble with with work load. There are centers that will help you with math and english. The football program at Nassau Community College is very good. The football team went 8-2 last season and are still stiving to better.


I believe that my school is known for a lot of things. It is one of the best community colleges in the United States, and I know that there liberal arts program is really good. Also has students from all across the world who study at NCC, making it a very diverse learning community. For instance, I have a teacher who is from Africa that is teaching a Contemporary African History Class. Not only are the students diverse, but the faculty also.