National Aviation Academy of Tampa Bay Top Questions

What should every freshman at National Aviation Academy of Tampa Bay know before they start?


The next four years of your life are going to make or break you. Every descision from now and then IS important: what are your goals, what classes you take and what classes you need to accomplish your goals, who you study with, who are your friends, where do you work. The most important question you need to ask yourself everyday is " why I'm I here". Are you going to college to get the best educational experience possible or are you there to party a little while longer before your are thrown into the real world. Making the wrong descision can be devastating, especially when the descision invovles who you call friend. Depending on the situation if you could make due without friends while you are in college then that would be the safest course of action. Yes, not everyone wants to go four years without friends, but you have to remeber "why I'm I here". Four years is along time, but the time you will spend in the work force is much longer. Would you like to spend your time in college partying and get paid less or spend more time studying and get paid more.