Nazareth College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


All of my professors know all of their students name by the end of the first few weeks, if not sooner. Classes are a comfortable size and group discussions are highly encouraged. The professors are always welcoming students to come talk to them beyond class hours.


I have loved every single professor I've had at Nazareth. With our small class sizes (average 19, 12:1 ratio), I have never had a professor who didn't know my name within in the first week. Classes are intimate, safe environments. I've had classes as small as six people. With a group that size, how can you not be close! Classes are seminar based. Although the professors are intelligent and great facilitators, classes are typically student centered and conversation driven. Rarely are classes lecture-based. In fact, we do not even have lecture halls on campus! Classes are intended to be environments of close, safe discussion. Outside of class, Nazareth supports every student with great resources like the writing center, the math, history, and philosophy labs, peer tutoring, academic advisement, the reference desk in the library (which is the GREATEST best-kept secret at Naz about doing research papers), career services, and regular faculty office hours. My favorite class was Theories of Grammar and Composition (though I'm sure that wouldn't thrill most people). I've taken courses like The Meaning of Death, Aging and Death, Nutrition, Short Stories, Experimental Literature, Haunting in America, and next semester I'll be taking Nature Writers and The Perils of Patriarchy.


All the professors know you by name, and they would love to have you stop by their offices to ask any question or discuss anything about the classes. They are very passionate about the classes that they teach, and they really care about how you perform in class and what you learn from the class. In most of my class, class participation is very common. We have great intellectual discussions between students and students, students and professors, in class and outside of class. I think students are competitive. They really spend time studying. The academic requirements are really challenging if you want to have a good report card. There're so many interesting classes that you want to take, and sometimes you just wish that you have enough time to study everything you want. Our favorite location is the library. There are always somebody studying in the library, no matter if it's 12am or 12pm. It's such a great place to really get focus on your assignments and intellectual pursuit.


Class size is small, between 5-30 people with no lectures. Professors know you by name, and you know professors by their first name, they even give you their home phone numbers. Students are not very competitive. Mostly they study on Sunday nights, or late at night during the week until the library closes. The most popular majors in order are Music, PT, Art, Psych and Nursing.