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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


i would have advised myself to stay in nigeria, and go to medical school there for 3 years and going to the american school that offeres three years of the four years of medicine in england and since its the same curriculum with the english speaking west african countries . then ill just spend the remaining one yaer in the united states and the transition to residency will be easy and in 4 years ill be done a qualified orthopeadic surgeon. Instead, came here right out high school and wasted my time taking a premed course bombarded with courses i dont need. writing and some social science course ( with the exception of psychology ) that i dont need ant it has to be taken before you start taking science realted courses like chemistry, and biology. physics is so out the question till yoru junior year after yorue done with calculus. allied health course are even more driect coursewise and you take the intersting biology classes like physiology and human anatomy not cells and biomes you have to take bio 2 . had to leave the field becuse they make it a big deal in the u.s. so i just left the field.