Northwestern College Top Questions

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Northwestern in Orange City, IA is a private Christian college. It is unique in that it keeps its Christian identity and makes it a major focus in all its educational programs. So many other private schools say they are Christian, but they really don't embrace it or help to strengthen their students faith. NWC is truly a Christian college.


Northwestern is a small college that has a great "family feel". Everyone knows each other and generally everyone is extremely friendly. The only downfalls are the location and food. Orange City is an extremely boring town with really nothing to do and the food there isn't great, but what campus does have good food? Northwestern does approach every class from a Christian perspective and depending on your perspective that can be a great experience or extremely annoying


It has an absolutely amazing Christian community! The location relevant to my hometown is perfect for me, just 4 hours away. The Psychology program is one of the best in the state as well. The size of the campus is perfect. The profs always know you by name and take the time to get to know you and keep up with how you're doing in college and such.


Northwestern is a Christian college that takes being a Christian very seriously. It's located in a small town, and the class sizes are not very big, so there's a good chance you'll really get to know your professors. The community is amazing here. I feel no judgment by other students when I walk across campus. Everyone is accepted and loved. We give hugs all the time, and we always smile and say hello to everyone, even people we haven't met. It's just an amazing place, and I love it here so much.


This school is very committed to community. The people around really do become your family. The relationships that are built here will last a life time.


It's extremely conservative Christian, which might sound bad at first, but the rules really help to build a safe, clean community where people aren't afraid to go walking alone at night. OK, so there are "open" and "closed" dorm hours, but honestly, it's nice to have hours when you know there won't be shrieking girls running around. Or if you're a girl, shrieking...guys? Sure.


We are a private liberal arts college but we are based in the reformed tradition of christianity and that largely impacts the students and professors and I believe is one of the main distinctions between us and other private liberal arts colleges of our size. Also, NWC has the best social atmosphere of all the colleges I looked at.