Northwestern College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I think the architecture could have been better. All the bulidings are flat topped and visually boring; like the landscape.


It actually took me a really long time to actually find something that I did't like about the school. The worst thing right now is a very hard situation among some of the men living in a dorm called Hemstria. The faculty has decided to tear the building down and build a new apartment style housing. The building is not up to code for saftey reasons and must be taked down. The argument they are bringing before the school board is that they will split up the community in the dorm life, the men grow very close together there.


Small town


It tends to be conservative at times. It is reformed religion, and sometimes, I think it gets caught in the politics of running a school and also being associated with a church.


It is a small community, which is great, but to compensate for that there are TONS of ways to get involved. Don't over-commit yourself! Feel free to say no to things, even if they are good works or opportunities. Pick a few things to put your full effort into.


As with many Christian schools, Northwestern students tend to be extremely close-minded. Despite the professors' efforts to teach critical thinking, and even concepts which have become as basic as evolution, many students resist and cling desperately to theories such as "the young earth" theory despite the complete lack of evidence of such a theory. The close-minded tendencies of many students also ostracizes many students, particularly those who are not Christians or who have homosexual orientation. There is also very little diversity on campus, and more students than would admit to it are extremely racist.