Northwestern University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I don't believe that there is a kind of person that should not attend. I believe everyone has a diffent learning style, and most schools do not cater to those teaching styles.


If you're the kind of person who DOESN'T like being involved, is in favor of skating by on super easy classes, and isn't very social, Northwestern is not the place for you. Also, if you're a big fan of nature and beaches, this isn't really the place either.


People who are not truly excited about learning or who do not want to work hard should not attend Northwestern. The workload is intense for everyone and if you are not willing to put in the time on assignments and projects, then coming to school here is not worth the cost of tuition.


Unmotivated, lazy people need not apply. This school will make you work for that coveted degree, and if a person isn't ready to work, they will surely fail here. The school year is divided into quarters so once midterms begin (around week 4) they never end until finals week comes along. People who aren't prepared or willing to deal with that demanding schedule shouldn't attend Northwestern.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is not driven for success and academically-focused. People come here to get competitive degrees, although they do still have fun.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is one who is looking for a party or state school, one who can't handle large amounts of reading, or one who is looking to date someone.


Any one who doesn't want to work a lot. Also, someone who wants the traditional college experiance of massive parties and a huge dating scene.


Slackers shouldn't attend this school. That's pretty much the only type of person that wouldn't be totally happy here - it's a diverse school.


A person who is close-minded, who doesn't accept differences in others, is very conservative, or cannot handle an extreme course load. This is a very demanding school and you get out of it what you put in. It is also a very diverse and accepting place, so if you have problems with either of those, maybe find a different school.


Someone who doesn't intend to spend a lot of time studying, or someone who wouldn't be able to handle academic competitiveness.


People who need a very good party scene, people who prefer the state school atmosphere.


someone who likes to party and doesn't take school seriously.


People who are not motivated to learn on their own and can't handle being under pressure.


Definitely do not attend if you aren't a go-getter / semi-competitive / intelligent student. If for some reason you were accepted into Northwestern and do not fit these qualifications, the chances are that you will get chewed up with the competition and intelligence at this school. On occasion, however, (depending on which college you attend) performance does not simply rely on these traits. Accordingly, one must consider if the cost of the education here is worth it. Additionally, to those who cannot stand cold weather, stay far away.


People who aren't driven to create their own experience. There is a wealth of opportunities here, but if you can't go and seek them out, this is not the place for you.




People who aren't very academically motivated shouldn't attend this school. Also, students who want to party every night of the week without having to do any school work shouldn't expect to enjoy this school.


People who are anti-social shouldn't attend this school.


People who are overwhelmed easily.


Uber-introverted and shy. You need to be able to hold your own here and take initiative, or else you will just be swallowed up into the masses.


A successful Northwestern students is academically minded and a self-starter. If this does not describe you, then Northwestern is not a good fit. Someone who is looking for a party atmosphere will not be pleased with NU's more relaxed scene.


People who are very academically focused and somewhat conservative have the easiest time fitting in at Northwestern,


Someone who is looking for a very small, liberal arts school. Northwestern isn't huge, but it has a larger feel than a small school. Also, someone who needs a lot of personal attention early on may find it difficult to connect with a professor in your first year.


Those who cannot balance their social lives with their academic duties. Those who do not possess a reasonable level of maturity and personal growth.


one who does not want to take school seriously


People who are not driven or motivated to do well, will not do well at Northwestern.