Northwestern University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Is this really a question? Definitely Lake Michigan. And all the bunny rabbits.


The school spirit at Northwestern University is amazing. Whether it is a sports game, theater production or volunteer activity, I am constantly in awe at the sea of purple Northwestern t-shirts that willingly flows in. The intrinsic motivation students show by wanting to be a part of something bigger is contagious. Everything here is a team effort aimed at helping ourselves, each other, and our community. This year for example I am most excited to be part of Northwestern's biggest and most successful fundraiser known as the Dance Marathon featuring 30 hours of nonstop dance for a cause.


We have the beautiful Lake Michigan as our backyard. We have so many different types of buildings that it makes you feel like you're in an intellectual town rather than a college. It's homey if you come from a city, and a completely new experience if you're from anywhere else. It is a place that grows with you, which is always nice.


The best thing about Northwestern is the vast number of opportunities available to do pretty much anything, and the personal attention and help you can get in doing those things. There are advisors and professionals on staff in every department and other offices (such as University Career Services and the Center for Civic Engagement) who are all happy to help students find jobs, internships, student groups, and so much more. You truly can be involved in whatever types of groups you want here, and the campus is incredibly diverse, which makes meeting people exciting.


The best thing about Northwestern is the incredible depth of experience and drive within the student body. In any given hour, I can go from talking about the latest TV show to a debate over international economics. At Northwestern, not only do students possess knowledge and interest in the world, they have the ambition to use this wisdom for the benefit of many communities.


The best thing is the quality and variety of the classes, because there is literally a class for every interest. I just finished a course called "Radical Leftist French Filmmakers" which is a completely off-the wall kind of the class, but was so interesting. I love being part of such a dynamic academic environment where students arent afraid to voice their interests and ask their questions.


The best thing about this school is the opportunities it provides for your future. The name of this school says a lot to many people.


There is something for everyone here. Northwestern's environment is condusive to well-rounded, motivated students with multiple interests wanting to pursue them all. The balanced environment allows academic rigor, athletic pride, and student involvement


The lake is extremely refreshing a good place to just sit and think about nothing.


Northwestern is a Big Ten school with Ivy League academics. No other university exists with such a synthesis.


The best thing about Northwestern is its credible name in artistic and communicative fields. The school is packed with opportunities for students to learn academically about these sorts of fields. In fact, students tend to respect the work they are doing so heavily that the whole university is competitive. Students challenge other students by always putting value in what they are doing, researching or learning. Every student believes that they are doing something more important than something just on a college campus.


I consider the engineering department is the best thing about Northwestern because it seems to have limitless funding and potential to it. There is always another addition to the tech building newly built each year it seems.


There are numerous things about Northwestern that make it great, but I would have to say that the quality of the students is amazing. It seems that each and every student attending this university is doing something great with their life and that fosters both a competitive and inspiring atmosphere. At times I find it exhausting that everyone are such over-achievers, but mostly I find it inspiring and wonderful that there are so many people in the world that will do great things for society.


The best thing about Northwestern was the level of academic challenge and quality of conversation available with peers. It is only after leaving school that I realize the level of intelligence of my peers and regret not having taken more time to converse in an environment conducive to thinking.


NU is an absolutely phenomenal experience. There is something for everyone, from the hard-core academic-oriented student, to the varsity athlete, to the frat boy/sorority girl. You can get your study on, your chill on and your party on all while receiving one of the best educations available. This combined with an amazing college campus with state-of-the-art facilities and a great college town, plus the close proximity to Chicago, makes for an unbeatable combination.


The people you meet here will be friends that will be supportive, helpful, caring, and just fun. Northwestern students are diverse (racially, financially and culturally) but in someways will be much like you. The reason I say that is because you worked hard to get into Northwestern, and the people around you did also. A strong work-ethic plus a balance of fun is the key component at this school.


I love the academics. They are hard and challenging. The fact that we are on quarters is great. It means that we can take more classes in a year.


Everyone here, from the students to the professors to the administrators, strive for the best.


I love how engaged our professors here are. They are all pretty much experts in their fields, so the enthusiasm with which they speak of their subjects is refreshing.


The best thing about the school is the amount of student-run extraccuricular activities and also the location -- close to a city, in a safe suburban town, beautiful campus on a beach.


It's a good location in that it's not in the middle of nowhere, but I prefer a more suburban setting. The professors are all very much excited about the subjects they instruct. Many of them are experts in the field. The campus is gorgeous. Some campuses are just plain buildings placed on cement, but the school is old and has some lovely buildings.


The large number of clubs/volunteer organizations. It lets you take a break from classes.




The theatre program at Northwestern is fantastic. I really love it, and feel like I'm learning a lot and doing what I need to be doing. It's totally possible to be in a play and take challenging, fascinating classes at the same time. Again, I'm doing what I love and learning a ton. This school has everything I need program-wise.


The wide variety of activities and opportunities offered.


It's the best of both worlds - it's close to a major city, but it's suburban so you still have a real campus feel. It has a beach, great stores and off-campus life.


If you are interested in ANYTHING we have it at NU, and if we don't many people are ready and willing to start something trendy and new.


AMAZING education. Good/smart students.


Northwestern is a school in which the alumni are loyal and proud of where they came from. The connections in the industry are tight, because Northwestern stand by their own. I just feel proud to go there, even though I've had many problems with them my freshman year (particularly with sexual harrassment, but you'd encounter that at any college).


The diversity of the student body in everything from race/ethnicity to special interests and goals in life.


I would consider the best thing is the education I am receiving. I have learned so much about my major and life in general. Specifically, I love the discussion-based classes.


The best thing about Northwestern is the fact that it is a school with a great reputation. Also, the great majority of students there worked very hard in high school, so the environment constantly poses challenges--the type that push you to be your best.


I think that the best thing about NU is its location. 30 minutes from Chicago, the best city in the country with lots of job choices. Not actually IN the city, so crime is not a problem. Right on the lake so we have 2 beaches and great places to go and relax. Close enough to the city that we can convince famous performers to stop at campus while they're in the city and perform for us.