Northwestern University Top Questions

When you step off campus what do you see?


Don't go East, its all lake. If you go North, you are enveloped by the ritzy neighborhoods of Evanston and Wilmette, as well as the Baha'i temple. South, you first hit downtown Evanston, with its restaurants and shops, and then further, Chicago. If you go west, you'll hit Skokie, where the larger department stores and malls are located.


There's a cute downtown Evanston scene just off campus, with great places to shop and eat. Edzo's Burger Shop is my favorite, followed by Andy's Frozen Custard. I love the cute cafes like Kafein and Unicorn Cafe as well for studying if your roommates are too loud.


To the North side of campus, there is just a residential area, but if you go a mile or so further north, you'll find Ryan Field and Evanston's Baha'i temple, one of only seven in the world. It's a huge, beautiful white temple that is friendly to people of all religions and philosophies. Students like to use it as a jogging destination or a setting for a date. To the east, there is Lake Michigan. I often take the lake for granted, because I have lived within walking distance of its south shore my entire life, but it really is beautiful and impossibly large. Students who have never seen the Great Lakes before often have trouble accepting that it's a lake and not a sea. We have our own beach and the lakefill, which is full of huge, broken rocks that students have painted and decorated over the years. To the west is more residential area and the El, which will take you to Chicago for $2.25. To the south is the part of Evanston that students actually use. Downtown has Whole Foods, CVS, what I've heard is the highest-grossing Burger King in the nation, tons of coffee shops (ranging from Starbucks to little local places like Unicorn Cafe), and lots of good ethnic food. It's a cute neighborhood with a lot to see, especially if you have deep pockets.


a pretty suburb! Evanston=upper-class suburbia. Little restaurants and shops, most of which are pretty pricey. Unless you walk pretty far into Evanston, it's very safe, well-let, populated, etc.


After Hours is the perfect alternative to Blockbuster – cheap, friendly and open late.


The most popular gelato spot in Evanston boasts a back room with flat screen TVs and plush couches for leisurely reading


Amanda talks about an experience she had in one of her classes.


On any given morning you can expect to find hordes of young coeds meeting for a quick breakfast at Einstein’s.


D & D Dogs is a great place for tasty – but cheap – hot dogs and hamburgers. Especially popular in the warmer months.


Al’s Deli is undoubtedly one of the most popular lunch spots in town. A favorite with students just returning abroad.