Nyack College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Nyack College?


People who want to pursue a degree such as pre-Med. We claim to be a liberal arts school, but we do not have the top majors such as Engineering Art, etc.


One who does not take their education seriously.


someone who is not willing to glorify Christ with their life . Someone who is not willing to respect the college rules. Someone who is not willing to stop consuming alcohol and other drugs on and off the college campus. Someone who is not willing to attend 27 chapel per semester if living on campus.


Party Animals! this school is not for you, even though we re located near the city the night life at Nyack is non-existent


A person who does not like to write or someone who likes to party should not attend this school.A person who does not like chapel services should not attend Nyack College.


this particular course is desing for working adults ,and persons that plan to make a career change the time is flexible.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone that has no problem with a Christian based campus. It is a dry campus. It is very humble and moderate in size. Someone who has no problem with this would fit right in. Also, someone who wants to be surrounded by much diversity.


I can not judge any one for the kind of person they are.


A person who is very logical and analyticaly minded. Nyack is not an academics paradise though there are certain professors who expect a lot. Mainly in the music department which has almost all juliard graduate professors.


the kind of person that should go to my school is an atheist.