Oberlin College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Oberlin College is perhaps best known for the Conservatory of Music, where generations of musicians and composers have cultivated their technical skills and demonstrated their talents for audiences around the world. This level of cultural intelligence and remarkable creativity permeates the entire student population, enlivening the school with a sense of exploration and purpose. Consequently, this progressive academic atmosphere attracts a world-class group guest speakers and performers, whose lectures, shows, and readings connect students to a broad spectrum of contemporary conversations and endeavors.


College football, school spirit. Absolutely strong alum network to help with intern and job placement. "Absolutely" meaning, there is no denying it. Trojan network is lifelong, almost psychotic in its commitment to procuring resources for next generation of Trojans. I don't even think the Ivy league schools have this type of commitment.


Music, definitely. But even if you just appreciate listening to music, you'll love Oberlin. The College of Arts and Sciences is also highly selective and the quality of instruction is phenomenal. An Oberlin education is priceless. As for most well known departments, I'd say the Neuroscience, religion, and creative writing departments are known to be strongest.


Oberlin is known for its liberal-mindedness and high quality of education and music.


Liberals and open-minded students who are very comfortable and open about themselves


I would think either for the music conservatory or for our reputation of being a liberal and "green" institution.


Oberlin has an extremely progressive history. It's known for openly challenging the status quo and taking deliberate steps to change it. It was the first American institution of higher learning to accept women and African Americans and it is now leading the country in green initiatives.


Liberal, open-minded learning environment. Emphasis on student's experimenting with ideas, global citzenship (social, economic and environmental awareness). Music conservatory.


Its liberal, progressive past, the Conservatory of Music, and the sciences.


Being liberal.




Music (Oberlin Conservatory), Civil- and women's- rights history (always co-ed, first to admit blacks), Environmental Studies Program and environmental awareness, scientific research (a lot and high quality for a small liberal arts college)


Being very liberal, environmentally freindly, musical, welcoming and tolerant, a safe haven for people identifying with the Queer Spectrum


A mockumentary by Chip Williams and Ma'ayan Plaut documenting the creation of Oberlin College's new motto, Fearless.