Oberlin College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Oberlin College? Why?


Snooty, upper-class highschool children aspire to be USC students. You can tell there is a rich, insular atmosphere and despite the strong international presence, most ethnic groups self-segregate. Also a pressure-cooker. No emphasis on 'passion for learning,' only production and earning capacity.


There's too much to do: lectures, concerts, ExCos, comedy shows, recitals, panels, visiting speakers--and socializing--and classes. Seriously, though, if you don't make an effort to hang out with people, it won't happen much: everyone is busy with their own very interesting things and you'll have to schedule it in to some degree, especially at first.


It is hard to do anything off campus without a car; there is little access to restaurants besides ones directly on campus, and there is not very much shopping within walking distance.


Somewhat issolated- not near any large cities or towns which limits options for shopping for weekend trips


The College turns a blind eye to the high amount of dangerouse and detromental drugs used at this school. Many people need a time to experiment, but so many of the students seem burry themself in drug use as a way to deal with the intense academic pressure. As an RA I have seen this strongly and negatively impact the building of community.


Because of Oberlin's acceptance of a variety of identities, the campus is home to some traditionally outcast individuals. This occasionally may manifest itself into a loyalty that appears to ostracize others. While students may be intent on forming a concrete identity, it creates an atmosphere of learning and exploration and fosters acceptance in the end.


It's so far left-leaning that it cuts down on some of the political and socioeconomic diversity that would keep things more interesting and balanced.


the level of cigarette smoking, too much of it


The worst thing was probably the remoteness of it. The college and the town it's in are surrounded by farmland for a fair bit. On the other hand, it's less than a twenty minute drive to get to Cleveland and there are regular shuttles if you crave city life.


People tend to be so "open-minded" that they become closed-minded. If you are not as liberal or "open-minded" as the main, you may get reamed by some of the student body.