Oberlin College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


That we're dirty, grungy hippies who don't learn anything at college except how to smoke pot and party.


That we're a bunch of quirky liberals who would rather eat food from dumpsters than McDonalds


Hippies, hipsters, ultra-liberal, lots of gay people


Oberlin students can be overly earnest and self-indulgent; if you can put a clever spin on your behavior, then it's okey-doke.

David Arnow

Obie== granola munching, vegan who showers just once a week to save the planet, and obsesses, OBSESSES about the political-moral implications of every action, and whose idea of a date is to work together on a problem set or reading assignment, with or without recreational drugs


Oberlin is full of hippies and everyone smokes pot. It's also full of activists who are attempting to right the wrongs of the world (from a progressive viewpoint).


Honestly, my case is different regarding Oberlin stereotypes. I am a Fulbright scholar from Afghanistan and Fulbright office made the selection, therefore, had no stereotypes personally. But during one year I heard that Oberlin students are weird, clothing is weird, not much interaction between girls and boys. Much more I don't remember.


We're all hippies and liberals, all about free love, want to live in the grass all day, and we're all obnoxious.


Tree-hugging, pot-smoking, non-showering ultra-liberal hippies.


We're the unusual types who never fit in during high school: Hippies Liberals Inquisitive Creative "Fearless" (our new school motto; although the word "fearless" is hotly contested, it is true that Obies often don't hesitate to stick up for their beliefs) Versatile, multi-talented


nerdy, have no "social skills", Connies


Being ultra liberal, full of cynical, self-absorbed hipsters, as well as stoners, elitism, pretentious attitudes, entitlement, and smug self-righteousness. Also it's pretty well-known that Oberlin is accepting of people of all walks of life, sexual orientations, etc. That Oberlin is super politically conscious and politically correct.


They are quirky and very liberal.


That we're politically liberal, somewhat counter-cultural and have a strong bias toward hippie-like behavior (not showering, veganism, dressing not in a preppy fashion). They we work hard and are very conscientious.


People think that Oberlin is full of crazy hippies and really weird people, and of course that it's an extremely liberal place.


There is a stereotype that Oberlin Students are either extremely liberal hippies or nerds. The proverbial Dodge Ball targets. Oh yeah, and we're all gay.


Oberlin is seen as a free-for-all, "give it a shot" community. The idea here is that everyone is family and that we will all grow together. Students are generally seen as intuitive, free-thinking, and very diverse.


Super liberal, hippies meet hipsters, weird/quirky.


Everyone is super awkward


Awkward, socially. Unwashed crunchy hippies. Hipsters. Entitled. On the plus side: Motivated. Intelligent. Qualified.


Oberlin students are hippies who are actively involved in saving the world while still keeping up with their studies. And apparently we're Fearless?


Hippie, liberal, very progressive, strange, generally just very weird.


Students: Ciggy-sucking, scarf-strangled, hairy-legged, all-talk-no-action, faux-progressive, opinionated, of a New York private school breed, changing the world with Mom and Dad's money. The School: Revolutionary, flat, hickish, trapped in its own bubble.


Hippies! Drug addicts... liberals....


hippies, hipsters, awkward nerds


A lot of people think that Oberlin is only populated by treehuggers and hipsters, but I think that's definitely an over-generalization. Oberlin is a pretty accepting place-- as long as you're open-minded.


"hippie" kids and "hipster" kids. very musical, very smart


Oberlin is generally seen from the outside as incredibly liberal, weird, socially conscious and politically active.


There are two threads: 1. We are ugly, awkward and pretentious. 2. We are creative and socially/environmentally conscious.


Oberlin students are often thought to be hippies who are doing stuff to change the world. They are intelligent and informed about issues important to them. Stereotypes about an active drug culture and zany activities going on abound.


We are a bunch of pot-smoking hippies.


People tend to hear Oberlin and think progressive hippies who don't shave their legs. Students who are passionate and environmentally conscious. A school that is known equally well for its intense academics as well as its strange individuals.


Hippies. Everybody's a hippie.


that we gripe a lot but don't ever really do anything.


We tend to be seen as a group of weird kids. Everyone from outside of the school assumes we are either musicians in the conservatory or artsy English majors.


obies are weird is the biggest stereotype.


Hippies and Hipsters, also Co-ops


that we are all gay, or all potheads


We are all hippies and to the far left politically. We all support Obama, and all care a lot about the environment. We all are vegan, politically active, and hate carbon emissions. 50{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} are gay and 25{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} are transexuals. We are accepting of all races, religions, genders, and gender orientations.


We dislike stereotypes and their use for judgement.


Everyone at Oberlin is supposed to be either a dirty hippie or a slimy hipster. Also people like to joke about the fact that every one is more awkward and unattractive here than in the "real world."


Strange, awkward, elitist, rich, hipsters


I don't really know any negative stereotypes about Oberlin and Oberlin students. People hate on us a lot. I guess people think we're a bunch of vegan hipsters who play cello and read Proust (or just say we do).


Outspoken activists Liberal Druggies


That we're very liberal, fight for the causes we care about, and believe we can change the world. That we're alternative and very invested in the democratic process and equality.


Oberlin is a liberal, hippy campus full of pot smokers and loose sex.


Man hating hippie dikes; weed smoking vegans.


That they're all a bunch of animal right's activists, hippies, and ultra-liberal.


The stereotypical Obie eats locally-made organic granola, wears Birkenstocks in the winter and goes barefoot for the rest of the year, is passionately opinionated and highly informed, is brilliantly intelligent (though incredibly socially awkward and commonly mistaken for insane), and is generally of the far left persuasion.


hippie crazy people