Oberlin College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is very passionate about a certain cause or area of expertise.


I very liberal and environmental conscience person. A person that believes in the democratic party, even if they are from a republican family. Sometimes people that are "different".


Any person who wants to challenge society by being different, "weird," and sometimes just plain wacky. We do everything first, we wear crazy clothes and we're tree huggers. A lot of us are vegans and we are very politically active. There are few conservatives on campus, though you might find a libertarian if you search hard enough. We challenge normalcy and are extremely intelligent. If you're smart and you're the oddball in your graduating class, come to Oberlin.


Someone who is willing to work hard for one of the best educations money can buy. Musicians will find the conservatory perfect for anyone.


Someone who is tolerant, active in their interests, and has a strong sense of what they want in life.


I would Oberlin to smart, artistic, fun-loving, academically motivated students who have high (liberal) social ideals. Students that prefer "just chilling" to heavy partying more suited to Oberlin as well.


Someone liberal who likes to think outside the box, isn't afraid to be creative, and respects other people's differing views on politics, religion, and sexual orientation.


liberal, artistic, musical, environmentally and politically conscious


You should attend this school if you want to be challenged and pushed in a way that will stretch your boundaries. No boring people here!


Someone who is passionate about something, anything. Or if you have an interest in becoming passionate about something. I think the ideal student would be someone who doesn't have a set path yet, but wants to establish one by their third year in college.


Students who are liberal minded, who love to have conversations with their professors outside of class. A student who loves to learn, and for the sake of learning and enriching their minds. Students who think outside the box, who love to work one to one with professors will do very well here.


People who have a thirst for knowledge should attend Oberlin.


Anyone who didn't fit in in high school would probably fit in at Oberlin, as long as you're liberal, environmentally-friendly, and open-minded


Someone with an open mind who is willing to work hard and get involved.


A very open-minded person and somewhat artsy person